Ultimate List Of 25 Things You Need To Know About Telematics

To demonstrate, the black box can be installed in the vehicles (cars, trucks etc.) and in that way, your safety mode can be tracked.

Another key point involved is what kind of data these devices actually capture. For instance:

  • Latitude/longitude
  • Road type
  • Max speed
  • Average speed
  • Journey time
  • Distance Travelled
  • G-Force
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Elevation

6. What is The Size Of Telematics Industry in The US

The Original Equipment Manufacturers are more and more using telematics. To be honest, it has reached a critical mass and not only in Europe but the United States as well.

Continually, America is considered to be the major revenue contributor to the technology market in the next years.

Source: www.hcltech.com

Source: www.hcltech.com

The growing need of the technology, as well as the advanced features in navigation systems, simply boost the telematics demand.

To put it in another way, the growth of telematics is significant for the driver’s safety, as much as for cargo securement.


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Subsequently, this wireless technology is considered to be the reason of decreasing the number of accidents.

In this way, the number of crashes at the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) will decrease as well.

7. What is The Telematics Global Market Size

Being designed for trucks and other vehicles with communication systems, represents an automated system transferring real-time information.

The real examples of this so-called telematics technology and automated systems used by truck manufacturers are the following:

Source: www.wexinc.com

Source: www.wexinc.com

  • Embedded Telematics
  • Tethered Telematics
  • Integrated Smartphone Telematics

Due to the advantages of the system, there is a growing demand for efficiency in truck operating and safety.

Consequently, the assumptions are the following. The use of wireless tracking in trucks will also improve these things on the road:

  • Driver’s Behavior
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Enable Cost Savings
Source: www.pinterest.com

Source: www.pinterest.com

More importantly, a comprehensive recent study showed that the global telematics market will grow at 27% until the year of 2020.

Correspondingly, the analysis of the global market involves these segments:

  • Government
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Logistics and Transportation

In particular, this study claims that the segments of transportation and logistics are at the highest revenue during the period of forecast.

Source: www.twitter.com

Source: www.twitter.com

In addition to this, the dominance of this commercial technology prevails and it will continue to grow until 2020.

Furthermore, this prediction involves the rise of the customer’s safety as well as route optimization. Presumably, it will overcome the USD 29 billion by the year of 2020.

8. GPS Tracking is a Part of Telematics Technology

The Global Positioning System Technology (GPS) is the latest innovation in technology. Moreover, it helped the use in fleet management.

As shown above, it is helping in the processes of monitoring as well as management of a specific vehicle whether a car, or a truck etc.

To emphasize, it is the latest technology used by trucking companies. If you want to run your trucking company successfully then implementing the system would be one impeccable solution.

Additionally, implementing it as an additional technology system, you get many benefits.



For example, getting a GPS tracker shows how much you care about your trucking business. To continue with, the GPS tracking helps you spot the use of the fuel as well as the driver’s behavior.

And more importantly, you can do it anywhere at any time. Namely, the benefits from using GPS are the following:

  • Increase the Productivity
  • Reduce the Labor Costs
  • Control the Fuel Costs
  • Improve the Customer Service
  • Increase the Fleet’s Safety and Security
  • Reduce the Operating Expenses


Same as a smart fuel cap or a route optimizer would save you money and create a successful trucking business, there is GPS as well.

As you may already know, the GPS tracking is enabled for wireless communication. However, the users have some dilemma about the network connection.

They wonder which network should they use. Meaning, should they go with 2G or with a 3G?

9. Telematics Systems Use 2G or 3G Data To Operate

In addition to the GPS Tracking, there are the 2G and 3G terms related to the GPS. There is a solid number of the best trucking companies in the US which are using the GPS tracking.


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Although having an unclaimed freight might lead to a huge saving opportunity, it can be a mistake.

Anyone who wants to use telematics technology whether it is for safety or fleet management needs to follow the terms and requirements regarding the usage.

Source: www.gocompare.com

Source: www.gocompare.com

To continue with, there are two networks outlining the relevant use of telematics and they are 2G and 3G.

These terms are relevant in the mobile phones nowadays and are used for the sake of the internet speed.

The 2G and 3G networks are two different technologies that are used in order to transmit information as well as data.

For example, if you have a phone ability to receive the signal then your telematics device with 2G or 3G will be able as well.

Source: www.linkedin.com

Source: www.linkedin.com

Over the years, technology has evolved insanely to the level of allowing data through an input. Continually, this happens right before a volume and speed evolve at which the data is transmitted.

These networks also transmit data through voice calls in the process of telematics.

In particular, with the system, the data communication backs to the server of the truck or the location of the member.

More importantly, the use is to enable communication for the safety sake which includes alarms as well as a man-down feature.

10. What is The Value of Telematics in Cars?

Additionally, telematics is not only for trucks usage. Although trucks are used to haul cars in car transportation companies, the cars are suitable for this technology as well.

Further, data availability allows the drivers to be charged for insurance on the basis of usage.

Source: allianz-jobs.com

Source: allianz-jobs.com



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