World Of Trucks – 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know


Lately I have been thinking to share few cool, and welcoming World of Trucks’ facts that will amaze you. So, in that direction, I have decided to dedicate this article to the 10 interesting facts that I consider you should know (of course, if you are part of the trucking industry).


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Well, as it happens the world of trucks has a lot of hidden and mysterious facts that maybe not everyone that is engaged in this fast-growing industry is familiar with; yet I have decided not to focus on those facts this time, instead in this article I will share with you few facts that are random and still unbelievable ones.

Thereupon, the main reason why I chose these 10 World of Trucks’ interesting facts is because I want to bring closer to you the real happenings of the trucking industry, and moreover I want you to realize how everything in this business is functioning.

Furthermore, you can take a look at what I have prepared for you. I invite you to analyse the facts and figures that I have provided in this article, and to share your opinion with me and the readers of Fueloyal blog articles.

Let’s take a look!

World of Trucks Fact No.1 – 15.5 Million Trucks Are Rolling On U.S. Highways Today

It has been estimated that in USA there are approximately 15.5 million trucks rolling on the highways. Therefore, Americans can proudly say that the U.S. trucking industry is the largest in the entire world. The truck drivers that are operating in this industry are helping, and contributing to numerous other industries.  This contribution makes the trucking businesses to be essential for the proper functioning of the other industries in USA.


So , what do I think when I say that there are 15.5 million trucks that are rolling on U.S. highways nowadays? Luckily, straight away I think about the multitude of jobs that this amazing industry is creating.

Hence, there are approximately 8.9 million people that are working in the trucking industry, among which around 3.5 million of them are working as truck drivers.

When we sum up these facts that I have presented to you so far, we can clearly see that the trucking industry is transporting around 70% of all goods in America. In that direction we can also notice that this industry is making a lot of money; the 70% of goods that these trucks are transporting are accounted for $671 billions.

However, Class 8 trucks are part of USA history. In fact the very first truck that was ever placed in USA was manufactured by Henry Ford. The placement of Class 8 trucks therefore has affected many industries. The first Class 8 truck has indicated the beginning of the trucking industry.


Nowadays, the trucking industry in USA has a long history, and American citizens are really proud of that. During the years this industry has undergone through a lot of improvements and innovations.

The numerous improvements and innovations has led the trucking industry into becoming what it is now; one of the largest industries in the world. As the trucking industry kept growing, straight proportionally to that the people in the trucking business were witnessing the process of improvement of trucks too.

World of Trucks Fact No.2 – Did you Know That Majority of Trucking Companies in U.S. are Small Businesses?

The trucking industry as one of the largest industries in the world is also known to be the fastest-growing. So, when you see all the facts and figures about this industry, it is logical that it crosses your minds that most of the trucking companies that are part o f this industry are in fact big companies.

But in reality that is not correct. The largest industry as it happens is mostly comprised of small trucking companies. That is the case because the U.S. robust economy is providing many options and plans for small business financing.

Thereupon, the small trucking companies are surviving in this industry. Actually small companies are merely the ones that are providing the best working conditions and salaries to truck drivers.


Sageworks which is a financial analysis software company, has come up with the result that in U.S. there are in fact two types of small trucking businesses.

The first type of small trucking business is covering in fact 25% of the overall sales; these trucking companies are covering wide range of merchandise.

Whereas, the second type of small trucking companies are mainly dedicated to the building and construction materials. These trucking companies, unlike the first type are covering a smaller range of merchandise. To be more precise the trucking companies that are part of the second type small businesses are covering around 19% of merchandise.


Thereupon, what makes all small trucking companies to be successful? And to remain part of the trucking industry for a long period of time? The real and most sincere answer is without a doubt the good business plan. In fact the business plan for small trucking companies represents a road map. So what is crucial for small trucking companies are the following things:

  • Good business plan;
  • Marketing plan;
  • Mission Statement;
  • Competition reports;

So, if you have a small trucking company, or if you are considering to incorporate one, then you should have in mind that the crucial thing that kills the profit is in fact the lack of proper preparations as well as planning.

World of Trucks Fact No.3 – Class 8 Truck Sales Increased By 45% In The Last Few Years

Well, straight proportionally with the growth of the trucking industry we can equally notice the growth of truck manufacturing too. The increased truck manufacturing lately is a result of the increased demand from the trucking companies, which is culmination of the fast growing industries in the U.S.

Yet, if we take a glimpse back at 200,3 we will notice straight ahead that the sales and manufacturing of heavy duty trucks was increased by 3%. Or speaking in numbers the truck market has increased for $31 million. This huge truck sales increase back then was due to the strong demand from various big and small trucking companies.



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