World Of Trucks – 10 Interesting Facts You Should Know

In addition, not only that there was a bigger demand for trucks, but also the truck parts were in a high demand too.

Later-on, if we make a comparison between the situation that was in 2003 and 2004, what will the final result be? By this comparison we will clearly see how much and how fast the truck manufacturing business is expanding.

So, back in 2004 the truck manufacturing or that is to say the truck sales was increased for 58% in comparison to the truck sales in 2003. Thereupon, for just one year the heavy-duty truck market had achieved to increase their budget for $641 million. All in all, in the last decade the Class 8 truck sales increased for 45%.

World of Trucks Fact No.4 – Did You Know That the Color of Trucks’ Handbrake is Usually Red?

Thereby at first this World of Trucks Fact No. 4 might seem a bit silly to you, but in reality if you have a friend who is engaged in the trucking industry and you ask him about this fact you will end up in confusion because I believe that you will get a negative answer.

Well let’s question ourselves why is that so? Why people are not paying enough attention to details like this?


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Subsequently, I do believe that you will come up with the following statement- that facts and figures such as is the one that the color of trucks’ handbrake is usually red is only one of those quirks that many people do not realize until pointed out.

Therefore, the fact that the color of trucks’ handbrake is usually red does not change anything in the operational process of the truck; neither does it do any other kind of change of the truck. So, the only reason why I chose to share this interesting fact is just due to demonstrate how many people in the trucking industry are functioning without paying attention to facts and figures like this one.

World of Trucks Fact No.5 – There Are More Than 3 Million Truck Drivers Employed In U.S.

Truck drivers are representing the backbone of the trucking industry. In fact there are more than 3.5 million professional and licensed truck drivers in U.S. ; This World of Trucks Fact No. 5 has also been estimated by the American Trucking Association.


As one of the largest industries in the world, the trucking industry so far has provided job opportunity to more than 8.7 million Americans. Up to this point, all facts and figures lead us to one conclusion. That one conclusion is that the trucking industry is exceptionally stable. If it remains stable it will generate even more job opportunities in the upcoming decade.


In general ,the lifestyle that truck drivers are leading is not easy at all. Each truck driver every now and then goes through all different kind of situations that bring numerous over the road challenges to them.

Therefore this lifestyle requires a lot of patience and care for themselves. But they should also care for the truck and loads, as well as for the other vehicles that are on the road. In the first place all 3.5 million professional truck drivers have obtained Class A CDL drivers license. All of them must comply to the rules and regulations that have been issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association- FMCSA.

On the other hand ATA has stated that professional truck drivers are driving more than 400 billion miles on a year basis, and transports more than two-thirds of the overall freight.

World of Trucks Fact No.6 -Did you Know That The Main Cause of Truck Accidents is Failure to Stay in Lane?

There are more than 3 million truck drivers in the U.S. that are operating every day. Being behind the steering wheel for a long time can make truck drivers to become un-focused, and a bad focus can lead only to failure to stay in lane.


I have dedicated the World of Trucks Fact No. 6 to the main cause of truck accident which is the failure of truck drivers to stay in lane. Unfortunately truck accidents do happen very often, and in most of the cases that is due to changing lanes in an unsafe manner.

So, if truck drivers are not careful enough they can end up in a serious accident. Un-proper changing of the lanes can therefore lead the truck to veering out of lane or swerving dangerously.


I strongly believe that almost all truck drivers are paying enormous attention to the federal rules and regulations. These rules and regulations exist for that cause- to prevent truck accidents. Yet, due to the increased number of truck accidents, some trucking companies have designed special programs. That is to say additional training for their truck drivers.

Henceforth, the federal rules and regulations are issued with only one purpose. That purpose is to set a higher standard for the commercial truck drivers.

We can conclude that each truck driver should perform a safe transportation, and to leave any type of underestimation aside.

World of Trucks Fact No.7 -Single Wide Tires Contribute To Class 8 Trucks’ Fuel Efficiency

So, maybe when you read World of Trucks Fact No. 7 few doubts will cross your mind. You might start asking yourself how is it possible that tires can contribute to trucks’ fuel efficiency? Actually the single wide tires contribute to trucks’ fuel efficiency by decreasing the weight of the truck altogether with the rolling resistance.

Thereupon, the design of the tire as well as its formulation are the main components that lead to fuel savings. So, in a few simple steps that include changing your trucks’ tires you can achieve better fuel efficiency.

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has done few studies in regards of the savings that can be achieved with the single wide tire. Their result has showed that 3% of the gas mileage has increased with the use of these tires on tractor trailers.



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