Top 10 Essential Truck Supply Elements For One Truck Driver


Have you wondered what truck supply elements you need on the road? Do you ever wonder, should I take this truck supply or the other one?

Sometimes the dilemma struggle is real.

It happens to every human involved in the trucking business.

With the help of the future trends in the trucking industry, the trucking business has lived a great overturn.

From the innovative trucks and trucking of the future to the innovative self-driving trucks, everything is expected for the next upcoming years.

There are secret trends in the trucking and they are a preview of what to expect in the upcoming years.

However, the truckers need to be prepared for whatever that it is coming next in the trucking business.

In addition, driving is not about the truck drivers’ effort and respecting The Department of Labor (DOL) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulations.

To put it differently, they need to have the top essential truck supply elements that will come to their rescue while being on the road.

Generally speaking, you might be surprised how important they are for the regulations of FMCSA, TSA, BBB, for the Freight Transportation etc.

1. Smart Phone

Some truckers think they do not need to have smart phones. Moreover, they consider having a mobile (regardless of the type) is enough.

However, they are wrong.

They do need the smart phone as a truck supply and they need it more than they think.


To start with, they need it for GPS.

Nowadays the smart phones are so improved with the advancements of technology that they can be used for everything.

Truckers can use them for their work i.e. while driving and they can use this truck supply for fun.


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More importantly, it is enough that they are alone on the road. Having said this, they can meet some trucker friend on the road and can exchange their numbers.

2. GPS Is An Essential Truck Supply

For some that did not know, GPS Tracking is the latest innovation in the trucking industry. Furthermore, it is considered as an essential truck supply due to its beneficial function.

The most important part of the GPS as a truck supply is improving safety and on a much higher level. Correspondingly, this will also improve the traffic on the road to reduce the number of truck accidents.


Having said this, this is highly beneficial for the regulations and rules of the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER).

For this reason, you can find the best truck GPS for your cabin. Moreover, you can do a thorough research and eventually find the best GPS truck supply according to your needs.

On the other hand, you can search this truck supply according to your budget. For example, there are cheap GPS tracking devices which have amazing features and still, they are budget friendly.


Continually, there are also proven benefits of route optimizer that will save you money. To demonstrate, the trucking business can benefit a lot from getting a GPS as a truck supply.

Regardless of whether you use bucket trucks, 3/4 ton trucks, or flatbed trucks. The GPS is a truck supply proven to be safe and Department of Transportation (DOT) friendly.

3. Fuel Optimizer

Fuel Optimizer is another truck supply needed in order to run a successful trucking company.

The fuel optimizer as a truck supply is also among those from which you get the most advantage from.

In addition to this, there is a fuel purchase optimization tool which allows you to make $300 or more per truck monthly.

How profitable is that?


This truck supply is also used as a fuel theft calculator. In this way, you could manage your fuel expenses and check how much fuel every driver uses for the truck.

Additionally, with the help of a free fuel tool, you can get find the cheapest locations for fuel or the cheapest fuel on the truck stop.

More importantly, you could find the best truck stops or truck stop amenities, where besides fueling you could take a rest as well.


More importantly, there is the smart fuel cap which lets you track the gallons that truck drivers use while on the road.

The fuel optimizer is a powerful truck supply since you do not want to be among the trucking companies which hire felons.

In order to avoid this, you can search for the best fuel management systems on the market.

4. Tablet/Laptop Part of The Truck Supply Elements

As shown above, some truckers consider they do not need a tablet or a laptop as a truck supply at their trucks.

They think this probably due to the fact that they will have another device in their cabin or a smart phone which they can use.


However, a tablet or a laptop is part of the truck supply list and worth to spend a cash on. Having said this, you can use them as an entertainment gadget, or as a working gadget.

To put it in another way, there are laptops which have technical requirements for the truckers on the road.

Some truckers which use the laptop, call it ‘on board computer’ because there are significant benefits having it as a truck supply.


First, you can use it to study. If you are a new truck driver or an experienced one who wants to upgrade himself, take the time to study.

Did you know that some of the driving schools have their classes online?

Thus, you can learn while you earn.

Second, the owner operators are using the computers for taking notes. For example:

  • Organize Paperwork
  • Find Customers
  • Increase Profits

5. Excellent Truck Driver Shoes

The truck driver shoes are also part of the truck supply elements that a truck driver needs to have on the highways.



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