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Innovative Trucks and Trucking of the Future

Every day we can witness the birth of new innovations, technology gives us limitless possibilities, it opens new opportunities for word improvement, life improvement, it changes the world we know, shapes our today’s and our tomorrows.


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Human history is changed as a result of new technical breakthroughs, it has always been like that through the past and will remain so in the future. Innovation has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. The technology goes so fast that it’s getting pretty hard to keep up to date with the latest discoveries.

What is the direction of truck improving

The beginning of transportation of goods began with simple vehicles drawn by pack of animals with open cab and solid rubber tires, cobblestone and dirt roads. The conditions for transport were difficult and time for delivery was much slower.

In the past, vehicles had simple features as a result of technological limitation, but as civilization have advanced with more powerful methods began the improvement of road quality and this allowed the development of better vehicles.

The trucking boom era begins after World War I (1920s were fertile ground for technical progress), with better possibilities truck industry evolved forward, with the invention of the internal combustion engine in the middle of the nineteenth century and replacement of rubber tire with balloon tire, transport moved to a next point, modern motor vehicles with strength to carry heavy loads on long distance for a relatively short time.

What we should expect in the future? Smaller devices with improved features and multiple functions integrated in the trucks are taking the modern trucking to a whole new level.

Now trucks have been engineered to meet their fullest potential with combination of modern luxury and technical aids.

Self driving technology

Technology has a positive impact on every industry, with an improved working environment, we get better results, in the truck industry, the development of technology play a major role in every aspect.

What do you mean by truck of the future? I would say a combination of solutions developed to make the truck driver daily activities much easier to manage.

How this work? Recent improvement in the truck industry is the integration of the autopilot, this is a very cool option, while the truck drivers are on the open road they can focus on communication and control of the transportation process or to monitor vehicle dynamics, instead of driving the vehicle he becomes transport manager.

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At 50mps he is reminded to activate the Highway Pilot, after activation he can relax.


  • steering
  • acceleration
  • braking

The truck has navigation system and can find the best route without driver intervention.

Truck sensor will alarm the driver with visual alert to get his hands back on the steering wheel if there are abnormal road conditions, lack of knowledge about the road ahead or if it is time to get off the highway. Under natural elements, like strong winds, the system work perfectly.

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Interesting feature! If the truck driver does not comply to the alert, a truck will activate the ” controlled emergency stop” mood.

How a 40 ton self-driving 18-wheeler is safe? Self driving is almost autonomous, it doesn’t require a truck driver behind the wheel when the truck is on the open road under regular conditions, this mode uses a combination of cameras and radar to provide

  • lane stability
  • speed control
  • steering
  • collision avoidance
  • braking
  • fuel consumption
  • and general road keeping

The driver can also have eyes on the front and the back of the truck, depending where he is, he can keep an eye on what he is going, if he/she is in the back of the truck resting, in the tablet he can monitor what is going on ahead, if he is in the front part of the truck he/she can monitor the back actions this also gives a clear view of the blind spots, useful for improving the safety.


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The self driving system to be fully functional have

  • radar unit in the center area
  • long-range radar, with a range of 820 feet and scanning an 18-degree segment
  • the short-range radar, with a range of 230 feet and scanning a 130-degree segment (this parameter is important for possible cuts of other vehicles in front of the truck
  • stereo camera located behind the Truck windscreen with camera range of 328 feet, scan area about 45-degrees horizontal and 27-degrees vertical

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Safety aspects

Most of the road accidents are caused by a human error, hours of service are forced to prevent fatigue truck drivers behind the steering wheel. The truck drivers life can be in danger if he is too tired, he can easily fall asleep and we all know that this action will entail fatal consequences or Injuries.

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The future holds many challenges many technical discoveries, but however man cannot be in total replaced with machines he will be controlling over the road to make quick judgment decisions.

According to FMCSA 13% of large truck crashes were caused by fatigue truck drivers, and one in four drivers admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Also study found that 17.6 percent of truckers studied suffered from mild sleep apnea while 5.5 percent had moderate sleep apnea and 4.7 percent had severe conditions.

There is 15.5 million trucks operating across US, slight negligence can make a chain accident on the highway with many victims. This system may be the right thing to solve this problem.

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 Traffic Safety Facts

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in US were registered


  • about 51000 crashes
  • almost 10000 injured persons
  • 440 known fatalities—involving a vehicle striking an object that came off of another vehicle


  • 3,964 people killed
  • 95,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks.
  • 342,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes during 2013.

Since drivers are not obligated to be in the driver’s seat all the time and can sleep while the truck is in autonomous mode, surely this kind of disasters can be reduced.



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