10 Things To Know Before Buying Used Truck Tires

Secret Tips How to Choose the Best Truck Tire

Tires! Take care of them and they take care of you…

In today’s article we will speak about the importance of good truck tires and touch on the advantages of selecting the right type that will serve your needs and at the same time won’t hurt the budget.


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When it comes to tires we have an enormous and almost confusing range to choose from, depending on value, manufacturer, design and specifications. Tires throughout the years have been designed, modified and developed to performance perfection. But it was not always like that.

Rubber pressurized air-filled tires… did you know they are almost as old as the automobile itself?

As the story goes, it all started way back in the 1880’s! That’s when Scot John Boyd Dunlop was watching his son riding down the country road on his tri-cycle. He was having problems riding on solid rubber tires, going slow and looking pretty uncomfortable.

In trying to help his son to have a better experience, Dunlop took the tri-cycle, wrapped its wheels in thin rubber sheets, glued them together and inflated them with a football pump. That was the very first air cushioning system known in history. Dunlop developed the basic foundation and the concept of a pneumatic tire.



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