10 Secrets to Know Before Buying a GPS With Back Up Camera


What is the big deal with a GPS with back up camera? Further, why is GPS with back up camera the hot technology piece lately?

It is definitely something to give a thought about.

Let’s find out.

We have spotted GPS truck devices and we know their features and why are they important. However, a GPS with back up camera, it must be the latest technology sensation.

Continually, we have seen these devices on TV but we rarely see them in vehicles, even in those in the trucking industry.

Thereupon, why are they considered as a big thing?

First of all, when it comes to GPS with back up camera, they are considered as the new replacement for the rear view mirrors.

The GPS with back up camera is the latest thing in the vehicle technology. Having said this, The Department of Transportation (DOT)  next year will require all vehicles to have it.

Why is that?

Source: www.gps.nl
Source: www.gps.nl

This is due to its ability to create a safer way to operate a truck. Moreover, the safety is always a number one priority and not to the truck drivers only, but to the Government as well.

On the subject of this, every truck driver needs to respect the following regulations:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB);
  • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA);
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA);
  • Transportation and Security Administration (TSA);
  • Occupational Safety and Traffic Association (OSHA);

However, safety is not always in the hands of the truck drivers. To put it in a different way, it might be the fault of the vehicle in front, or behind the trucker.

Regarding this matter, a GPS with back up camera is considered as an essential part of equipment for every trucking business in the industry.

To continue with, below are the things that one trucking company needs to consider before buying the device.

1. Automatic System Switching

The automatic system switching is probably the most important feature in GPS with back up camera. It is an amazing feature found in the monitoring system which has the ability to switch itself automatically.

In fact, this feature prevents drivers from switching the system in order to back up which distracts from driving.

This feature is actually perfect for a truck driving career. With this in mind, it is like a road assistant to drivers.

Source: www.movinongps.com
Source: www.movinongps.com

In this way, they will easily cope with the rules and regulations given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Continually, in order to perform the function, there is a control wire connected to the trucks back up light. Once the truck is in a reverse mode, the light is switched on and the camera is turned on.

Regarding this, it is preferable for you to have the camera on the entire time. This is exceptionally good for the OTR truck driving.

Furthermore, some systems have multiple cameras and allow users to switch between the normal and the reverse image.

Thus, for the sake of security, the forward camera can be left in a normal mode and the rearview one can be left in reverse.

2. Weather Resistant GPS With Back up Camera

Most of the rearview cameras are placed on the outside of the trucks. Subsequently, the device is subject to the weather climate including rain, ice, snow, dust, oil as well as high-pressure washers.

Having said this, made me realize how important it is for truck drivers to have a reliable GPS with back up camera.

Additionally, the weather resistant camera is essential truck equipment for the:

In order to avoid this problem, some of the owners solve the problem by mounting the rearview camera in the back of the truck.

Source: www.eagleeyett.com
Source: www.eagleeyett.com

This is what the experts actually recommend when it comes to the GPS with back up camera, placing the camera in the back.

It is another thing which is closer to safety which is really great for the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER).

Even though many think that the GPS devices have weatherproof cameras, connectors, or cables, not all of them do.


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Accordingly, the low-cost systems have weather resistant cameras and normally use the RCA plugs for cameras.

The thing is, the RCA connectors are not waterproof. These connectors are designed only for indoor systems.

Another key point is that the connectors need to have rubber boot in order to be protected from the elements.

3. Monitor Size in GPS With Back up Camera

With regards to monitors, their size also matters in the GPS with back up camera. It is important for the truck drivers to see the information transferred through the monitor clear and easy.

Having said this, the monitors normally range between 2.50 to 10 inches in the size.

In addition to this, you may prefer larger monitor types for a better visibility, however, they might not be the most suitable in some cases.

To put it in another way, a 5-inch monitor size of a GPS with a back up camera is much preferable. In other words, it provides a quite adequate image while backing up the trucks.

Source: www.movinongps.com
Source: www.movinongps.com

Moreover, the GPS with back up camera is actually placed as close as possible to the driver’s side.

It is also important to take into consideration what kind of monitor would you like to place at the truck’s cabin.

Would you like to be portable or not portable?

Regarding this, it is the driver’s safety which is a priority, according to The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

And it is a way which always should be.

Why is this important?

To emphasize, it is important for the monitor not to interfere with the vision of the truck as well as the driver’s road attention.

Generally speaking, it takes a lot of things to consider before buying a GPS with back up camera.

4. Wired GPS With Back up Camera vs Wireless

You know that there are wired cameras, but have you seen a wireless one in the back of the car?



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