10 Best Hazmat Trucking Companies In U.S.


Hazmat transportation is expanding rapidly in the USA. Straight proportionally to that, we can notice that there are more and more trucking companies specializing in hazardous materials transportation.

Later on, the overall hazmat transportation process is complex. That is why hazmat trucking companies have to work in compliance with the US Department of Transportation, and to obtain numerous certificates.

First and foremost, it is crucial for the trucking companies which are specializing in hazmat transportation to train their truck drivers very well, owing to the fact that hazardous substances can cause harm to the environment, and to people.

Henceforth, hazmat transportation will continue expanding in the future, because there are many industries in the USA that are depending on these substances. As a proof of that, we can take the hazmat load boards which are constantly full with new demands.

Also, I would like to add up one more fact- hazmat trucking companies are contributing to the overall USA economy.

So, let’s take a read at the 10 best hazmat trucking companies in the USA!

1. Boyle Transportation

Boyle Transportation is part of the trucking industry from 1971. Since day one this trucking company is caring for the security-sensitive cargo and highly hazardous materials. That makes it part of the 10 best hazmat trucking companies in the USA.

Thereupon, the hazmat transportation services that this trucking company is offering, are available throughout the 48 contiguous Unites States, as well as in Canada.

Source: www.boyletransport.com
Source: www.boyletransport.com

It is good for you to know that Boyle Transportation as one of the best hazardous trucking companies in the USA, is ISO registered since 1998. The dedication and the quality transportation services that this trucking company is offering are awarded:

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Be as it may, you shall know that Boyle Transportation has over 40 years of experience and expertise in hazardous material transportation. Thereupon, if you choose to use the services of this leading hazmat transportation company you will be worry free throughout the overall transportation process.

Source: www.boyletransport.com
Source: www.boyletransport.com

When it comes to the compliance, this trucking company is working in accordance with the rules and regulations that were issued by the:

2. Hazmat Environmental Group Inc.

Hazmat Environmental Group is providing hazardous, non-hazardous, less than truckload transportation. Nowadays this trucking company became one of the 10 best hazmat trucking companies in the USA.

Source: www.hazmatinc.com
Source: www.hazmatinc.com

This trucking company besides offering exceptional transportation services to their customers is also offering OSHA certification training and courses to their truck drivers.

Moreover, the dedicated division of this trucking company on a daily basis is delivering thousands of shipments. When it comes to the fleet that Hazmat Environmental Group owns, we can see that it includes over 150 tractors, as well as over 300 trailers.

Source: www.youtube.com
Source: www.youtube.com

The first thing to remember is that this trucking company is adhering to all hazardous waste regulations. Also, you should know that Hazmat Environmental Group is backed by $16 million insurance coverage for environmental restoration.

3. All Star Transportation Inc.

All Star is a family owned and operated trucking company. It is part of the USA trucking industry since 1993. Although this trucking company is not one of the oldest hazmat trucking companies in the USA it achieved to be ranked among the top 10.

Not only that this trucking company is providing hazmat load transportation services, but it is also offering:


Source: www.allstartrucking.com
Source: www.allstartrucking.com

All Star’s headquarter is located out of Pacific, Missouri. Mainly this trucking company is offering its services in the following areas:

  • Florida;
  • Georgia;
  • The Midwest;
  • Colorado;
  • The Northwest;

Moreover, All Star Transportation has a team of dedicated, well-educated, trained, and professional truck drivers. Their team of truck drivers is always ready to meet the demands of their loyal customers.


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In general, this trucking company can take pride in their employees, their fleet (Kenworth Trucks) and equipment (they are rarely buying truck body parts), as well as in the customer service that they are offering on a daily basis.

4. Cast Transportation

If you are looking for a trucking company that is offering hazmat load transportation, and at the same time is dedicated to culture, excellence, and compliance, then you shall take a look at what Cast Transportation can do for you.

Thereupon, this trucking company is part of the trucking industry since 1948. So far, Cast transportation has transported over thousands of hazardous and radioactive material.

Source: www.indeed.com
Source: www.indeed.com

Must be remembered, that CAST as one of the best hazmat trucking companies has received awards from the Department of Energy WIPP.

Besides offering their services all across the USA, CAST Transportation is also certified to transport hazardous loads in and out of Canada.

Yet, to be sincere, a hazmat trucking company that is not following the rules and regulations given by DOT and FMCSA cannot achieve success and great results.

In that direction, CAST has trained their managers and company drivers to work in compliance with these regulations and always to provide excellence and compliance to their customers.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

On the other hand, CAST is committed to safety. That is to say, this trucking company in a decade of experience in hazmat transportation has driven over 50 million miles, all that with zero reportable incidents. It speaks volumes!

5. Schiber Transportation

Schiber Transportation was founded by Robert L. Schiber back in 1954. Since then this trucking company has dynamically improved. Straight proportionally it became one of the 10 best hazmat trucking companies in the USA.

On the positive side, Schiber is always providing dependable and efficient transportation of hazardous materials, as well as hazardous waste. The fleet of this trucking company comprises:

Source: www.schiber.com
Source: www.schiber.com



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