Ultimate Guide Of The 10 Best Trailer Manufacturers in USA


Choosing the right trailer for your fleet can lead you to increasement of profit and at the same time decreasement of the possibility of down time and loss.

Luckily, these days there is a wide choice of trailer manufacturers in the USA, straight proportionally to that you have bigger chances to find the perfect trailer that will fit your needs.

Thereupon, when looking for the best trailer for your fleet you will have to have in mind the compliance with the federal and state regulations. In fact, the issue of finding the perfect trailer is far more complex than it might seem at first sight.

Source: www.successfuldealer.com
Source: www.successfuldealer.com

Yet, when speaking about the best trailer manufacturers in the USA you will have to pay attention to few important details before making the final decision, so those details include:

  1. The trailer manufacturers should have obtained a World Manufacturer Identifier WMI from the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE;
  2. Also, the trailer manufacturers should be NHTSA registered;
  3. Later on, each trailer manufacturer should comply with the federal regulations;

The greatest benefits of finding the best trailer manufacturer are the compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, as well as the industry regulations.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the best trailer manufacturers in the USA! So, let’s take a look!

1. Towmaster Trailers

Towmaster Trailers is one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA. These trailers are a highly thought out piece of equipment which is utilizing the high-tech manufacturing processes.

Moreover, the history of this leading/ best trailer manufacturer is full of proven products, aesthetics as well as designs. In fact, the very beginnings of this trailer manufacturers are dating back in the early 70’s.

Back then this company was owned and operated by Harlan Palm. The trailers that Towmaster is producing have a capacity that starts from 5000 pounds up to 7000 pounds.

Source: www.kcbobcat.com
Source: www.kcbobcat.com

Later on, what makes Towmaster Trailers be one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA are the best components that they are offering, altogether with their excellent design and a limited lifetime frame warranty.

So, Towmaster is a real proof that if you have a full staff of designers and engineers constantly working on the best trailer builds, you can become one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA.


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In addition, these trailers are produced with first-run steel and a name brand component, or better said are produced with top-rate materials.

Source: www.towmaster.com
Source: www.towmaster.com

Here are part of the trailers that they can offer you:

  • Drop-Deck;
  • Drop-Deck Tilt;
  • Hydraulic Dump;
  • Deck-Over;
  • Deck-Over Tilt;
  • Rigid Gooseneck;
  • Detachable Gooseneck;
  • Hydraulic Tail;

Henceforth, Towmaster is always finding a way to meet their customers’ needs. This company has a full and clear categorization of their trailers and at the same time is offering different capacities as well as variations.

2. H & H Trailers

When speaking about the best trailer manufacturers in the USA, I must mention as well H & H Trailers. Thereupon, H & H Trailers are trailers that you can trust upon since they are featuring top quality and strength that outlasts.

Source: www.hhtrailer.com
Source: www.hhtrailer.com

Not only that H & H trailers as one of the best trailer manufacturers can help the trucking industry, they can provide help to numerous other industries as well. So, besides meeting your professional needs they can also help your personal needs.

What makes H & H Trailers to be ranked as one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA are their best pulling, longest lasting design and construction. They are manufacturing trailers for every need and every budget!

Source: www.hhtrailer.com
Source: www.hhtrailer.com

Speaking of their trailers, here is what H & H have to offer:

  1. Steel Open Trailers- These trailers are built with full steel construction. You can choose from flatbed, utility, tilt bed, dump box, as well as hi-deck trailers with leading features (full DOT compliant lighting);
  2. Aluminum Open- The aluminum trailer models will give you the opportunity to haul with ease. They can offer you utility trailers for car haulers, deck-over style, as well as tilt beds;
  3. Steel Enclosed- This series comes with full tubular steel construction, Posi-Vent system, tongue as well as rear bulkhead coated bed liner;

3. Legend Premium Trailers

Legend Premium Trailers are part of the trailer manufacturing industry since 2003. During this short period of time, Legend Premium Trailers has managed to rise among the best trailer manufacturers in the USA.

Straight proportionally to their success, I decided to include Legend Premium Trailers in this article. This trailer manufacturer is offering a superior value as well as innovation while being committed to providing the best quality and craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

So, Legend Premium Trailers can offer you both open and closed trailers:

  1. Their closed trailers comprise:
  • Legend Trailers;
  • Deluxe V Nose Cargo;
  • Explorer Cargo V Nose Series;
  • FT Series V-Nose;
  • Trackmaster;
  • Trailmaster 8.5 Race Series;
  • Sport Lite;
  • Legend Cyclone V-Nose Steel;
  1. On the other hand, their open trailers comprise:
  • Aluminum 3 Board High Side ALHS;
  • Open Deluxe;
  • ATV Master;
Source: www.legendmfginc.com
Source: www.legendmfginc.com

Thereupon, all trailers that Legend Premium Trailers is manufacturing have an all-aluminum structural design that comes altogether with a quality that is unmatched in this industry. Also, you should have in mind that Legend Premium Trailers are backing up their work with a legendary warranty.

4. Big Tex Trailers

The largest and at the same time fastest growing professional grade open trailer manufacturer in the USA is Big Tex Trailers. This trailer manufacturer is present on the market for more than 30 years. Throughout all that time Big Tex Trailer has kept their customers satisfied by providing them exceptional customer service.

In addition, Big Tex Trailers is one of the best trailer manufacturers, and as such, it is constantly creating genuine partnerships with their partners.



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