Ultimate Guide Of The 10 Best Trailer Manufacturers in USA

Source: www.bloomfieldtrailers.com
Source: www.bloomfieldtrailers.com

Moreover, if you are looking forward to buy durable trailers, then you should take into consideration Big Tex Trailers. The trailers that this manufacturer is producing are full of strength and stability, accompanies with proper alignment. All these features coupled together are leading to a proper towing, less strain on the bearings as well as tire wear.

Positively, on the other hand, we have the longevity of the trailers. Since the frames of the trailers are welded upside down, are providing a better weld penetration as well as trailer stability.

Source: www.voat.co
Source: www.voat.co

Henceforth, the reliability, as well as the quality, are on a high level as well. That is to say, the trailers that have brakes include two braking systems- hydraulic and electric brakes.

So, I can say it without hesitation that Big Tex Trailers know how to retain the value. Simply, as one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA Big Tex Trailers has gained a reputation that people recognize for quality.

5. Triton Trailers

Triton Trailers is one of the oldest trailer manufacturers in the USA, at the same time it is one of the leading trailer manufacturers as well. Triton Trailers are present on the market for 40 years.

Thereupon, this manufacturer has proven that by showing constant commitment to quality, innovation, customer service as well as safety, can attract numerous loyal customers.

First and foremost, Triton Trailers was formed and incorporated back in 1975 by Bob Peisch and John Reiser. Soon after this trailer manufacturer experienced a quick growth.

Simply, the main focus of this company is to produce top quality aluminum and steel trailers, as well as to provide ultimate customer service.

Source: www.tritontrailers.com
Source: www.tritontrailers.com

Later on, in 1995 Triton Trailers have outgrown their facility and were relocated to a 190.000 sq. ft. building in Hartford, Wisconsin. A few years later, in 2013 this company was purchased by Jacsten Holdings.

Although Triton is no longer a family-owned trailer manufacturing company, it has kept their mission the same, which is to manufacture, to design as well as to globally market their trailers and related commercial products.

6. US Cargo

US Cargo is one of the best cargo trailer manufacturers in the USA. Since 1994 this trailer manufacturer is producing cargo trailers that can serve you as personal, farm, as well as commercial use. That is to say, their trailers have a consistent emphasis on better performance and quality.

Further, if you decide to buy a trailer from US Cargo, you will see straight away that the durability and quality of the trailers will enable your trucks to transport the loads worry free, which at the end will turn out to customer satisfaction.

Source: www.uscargo.com
Source: www.uscargo.com

Therefore, US Cargo as one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the USA is offering surprising quality. It is the quality inspections and the constant performance evaluations that have brought top quality trailers in place. From here on, US Cargo is constantly bringing changes and trends in the market.

Not to forget to mention, US Cargo is a division of Forest River INC. which is the largest manufacturer of cargo trailers, and a leading manufacturer of many types of recreational vehicles.


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Correspondingly, US Cargo has a financial strength, resources to innovate as well as to resilience. Furthermore, the trailers that US Cargo is manufacturing are durable on the inside, also have stylish exterior, that is to say, more than you were expecting to get.

7. Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton is producing one of the most durable and dependable trailers on the USA market. Moreover, if you are looking forward to buy a trailer, then Stoughton Trailers is one of the best choices that you can make since Stoughton is one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA.

Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

Thereupon, what makes this trailer manufacturer one of the best is actually the quality and attention to detail that they pay into each trailer that they are making. So, here is what Stoughton Trailers has to offer you:

Believe it or not, Stoughton Trailers will keep your fleet rolling on the road longer than if you choose trailer from any other trailer manufacturer.

Further, the headquarter of this trailer manufacturer is located in Stoughton, Wisconsin. In addition, they have 9 different facilities in the South Central Wisconsin.

Source: www.successfuldealer.com
Source: www.successfuldealer.com

Afterward, the latest process equipment for premier, long-life painting of steel components is incorporated by this trailer manufacturer.

Also, Stoughton Trailers have afterward ted vertical integration which in fact is enhancing the manufacturing operation. By enhancing their manufacturing operation, Stoughton is providing their customer with the chance to optimize their quality assurance procedures.

By enhancing their manufacturing operation, Stoughton is providing their customer with the chance to optimize their quality assurance procedures.

As I said before, Stoughton Trailers is one of the leading trailer manufacturers, and by the extra attention to detail always results in durable, dependable and productive dry-van trailers on the road.

8. Timpte Trailers

The very first trailers that Timpte has manufactured are dating from 1978. Ever since then Timpte Trailers became one of the best trailer manufacturers in the USA.

So, it is no doubt that the team that stands behind Timpte Trailers is focused on safety and quality at the same time. The manufacturing processes that this trailer manufacturer is performing include applicable solid manufacturing principles accompanied with state of the art technology.

Source: www.timpte.com
Source: www.timpte.com

Later on, we can see that the state of art technology that Timpte Trailers is manufacturing can lead to producing the finest bulk commodity trailers in this industry. Simply Timpte is a leader in efficiency and productivity.

Back in the day, this trailer manufacturing company was established by William and August Timpte. These brothers found a way how to produce a high quality products/trailers in the most efficient way possible. This company is a real proof that a superior engineering staff can make what their customers want in the most quality way possible.



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