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10 Perfect Cheap Gifts For Truck Drivers

Finding the right gifts for truck drivers can be hard. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for anyone, but especially when it’s for someone whose life is spent on the open road.

Often it isn’t that they don’t appreciate the gift, or at least the gesture, but they just have limited space in the truck cabin.

So when you’re shopping for Christmas or any other occasions and trying to desperately find the right gifts for truck drivers, wouldn’t it be great if there were some tips available?

Well now there are! I am here to help you find the perfect gifts for truck drivers. Even the pickiest of receiver will appreciate any of these ideas.

Now before I jump into the list of gifts for truck drivers, let me offer a few pre-shopping tips:

  • Without letting them know you’re shopping, find out what they like or need.
  • Often you will find the best deals online, and they will ship to you or the truck driver
  • You get better deals at the end of the season, or during special events.
  • Keep all your receipts just in case they either don’t have it, or it needs to be exchanged.
  • Ask his/her friends if they want to split the cost (get a better gift for less out of pocket)

Of course anyone who has ever shopped probably already knew some or all of these ideas. You might even have other ideas.

Just remember, when buying gifts for truck drivers, being prepared can be the difference between purchasing just a gift and purchasing the perfect gift for truck drivers.

10 Perfect Gifts For Truck DriversSource: www.aliexpress.com

1. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Navigational Aids

When one’s life is spent on the road, often travelling to new places, getting there can be a real challenge. That is why some great gifts for truck drivers are navigational aids.

Now there are many options and brands, so select GPS and/or purchase navigational mobile apps that are specifically made for the trucking industry.

The best ones tell more than just how to get from point A to point B. They offer information on routes that prohibit large trucks, offer height clearance information, the nearest and best truck stops and weigh station locations.

They also offer real time map and information updating. Some even have added features that will allow you to add your vehicle’s information.  These gifts for truck drivers can really help save a lot of time and unnecessary headaches during the trip.

One other item, though considered old fashioned, is a good hard copy and/or digital road atlas for truckers. There are still dead spots where the GPS may not work, or malfunction. It is always advisable to have a backup, just in case.

10 Perfect Gifts For Truck DriversSource: www.ccjdigital.com

2. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Comfort And Sleep

Here are a few gifts for truck drivers that even the hardest of person to buy for will appreciate, because even they need to sleep. And as we all know a good track mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep.

You might remember the days when the truck beds were nothing more than a foam pad. Well not anymore! Now they make mattresses for the trucker that will rival any bed, most anywhere.

Now of course if you are thinking about the mattress, other gifts for truck drivers would be the sheet and pillow case sets. They not only make mattresses but the linen for them as well.

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Just like when buying sheets for home look at the thread count, a quality set with a high thread count goes for around $50.

While you’re at it don’t forget the blanket, actually a nice electric blanket. After all is can get pretty cold in some place, especially at night. You can find what need by shopping at places like BedderBedding.

With the idea of comfort in mind, the perfect gifts for truck drivers would be for their truck seat. Regardless if they have a captain’s chair or the factory one, good cushions are always appreciated. Many are designed for those who must sit for long periods of time and they offer massage, as well as, pressure and stress relief.

10 Perfect Gifts For Truck DriversSource: www.aliexpress.com

3. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Eyes And Ears

When considering gifts for truck drivers, you might consider something both stylish and practical. Trucks and truckers fashion and trends are changing constantly but something that is practical will stay practical.

The glare of the road can get pretty bad sometimes, especially in open sunny areas or in places covered in snow. So consider a nice pair of polarized sunglasses. You can find them as low as $20 but as high as a few hundred.

Don’t forget to check their safety rating; Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA , has set standards for something to be consider actual eye protection.


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Speaking of safety, don’t forget, when searching for gifts for truck drivers, to consider the driver’s ears. Not just simple noise reducing earplugs but wireless headsets. In most states they are very strict about cell phone use while driving.

However, The Department of Transportation (DOT) has several laws regulating the use of cellphones. It is actually illegal! Unless you have a hands free style headset. Sometimes the best gifts for truck drivers are the one that keep them from getting tickets and fines.

10 Perfect Gifts For Truck DriversSource: www.protectmycdl.com

4. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Truck Accessories

Now for the trucker who loves his/her truck more than anything (and in some cases anyone) perhaps something for the truck itself would be a perfect gift.

These often are the best gifts for truck drivers. You can find LED light sets, personalized mud flaps, or even chrome accessories.

If you prefer something a bit more practical (and useful), but still plan to buy a gift for the truck interior, then you can consider a tire pressure monitoring system. After all their truck tires will see a lot of miles!



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