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10 Perfect Cheap Gifts For Truck Drivers

These systems can be a bit expensive, starting around $400, but when buying gifts for truck drivers, does safety have a price?

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5. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Toiletries

Gifts for truck drivers come in many areas. Something that is both nice and useful is a stocked shower kit. All the basics they will need to stay fresh and clean.

Usually a properly equipped shower kit will have soap, shampoo, shaving cream and razors (or a nice electric shaver), deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb/brush, and other such items. All of this should be stored in a nice travel bag, available at any retailer.

Along with the shower kit are the other things you need when showering. You know a wash cloth, towel, shower shoes, a laundry bag, and even a nice bathrobe because even the truck drivers can be all fancy and stylish. These all make great gifts for truck drivers.

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6. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Organizational Aids 

Now for the more tech savvy shopper, there are other things that make great gifts for truck drivers. Anything that will help him/her to get organized would be a perfect gift for truck driver.

Some people like the old day planners, but now they have much better digital versions. Many of this can sync up to both your computer and cell phone.

From all those electronic gadgets available on the market today, I am sure you will be able to pick one that will be of a big use for baddy.

The other great thing is that they are specifically designed with the trucking industry in mind. So it doesn’t matter if you’re using a cell phone app, a cloud based system, or downloaded program you can keep track of things like schedules, tolls, fuel, track miles, electronic logs and so much more.

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7. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Entertainment

Many would prefer gifts for truck drivers that are entertaining and help pass the time. For many OTR truck drivers the long stretches of highway can be boring or even lonely. Regular truck radios stations come and go quickly as the miles pass by. That is why you should consider gifts for truck drivers that help pass this time away.

There are many options; you could fill an IPod with all his/her favorite tunes, get a satellite radio so they can listen to their favorite stations, even when far away. CDs and DVDs are going the way of the 8-track but audio books and trucker movies are still great.

There are many online book and movie clubs. Also you can find audio book apps that will let you listen without needing to buy a CD. The best part about these gifts for truck drivers is you can find any genre!

Another great idea will be a ticket for one of the featuring trucking industry events like the Monster truck show events! Now, keep in mind in order to do that you will need to know it the truck driver will be able to go to the event, so check with them first if it’s realistic.

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8. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Appliances For The Truck

There are numerous guides for truck drivers on how to eat healthy while on the road. So I won’t go into that here, but it does bring up some more gifts for truck drivers ideas. So, he/she wants to try and eat right, but can’t simply because there is nowhere to store or prepare their meals, while stuck in the truck. Actually that is not true.

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Now they custom make pretty everything for the trucking industry. This includes things like mini refrigerators and compact microwaves. These run off the truck battery and are designed to draw limited power, as not to drain the battery. Best of all, they are fairly reasonably priced and can be found both online and at most popular retail outlets.

Of course, there are other gifts for truck drivers that are nice to have. Resalable containers, microwavable dishes, and even single serve coffee makers. All of which can run off the truck’s electrical system.

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9. Gifts For Truck Drivers, Power Inverters

So you thought electronics were great gifts for truck drivers. And they are, except one small problem, you need to get the electric from the battery to the appliance. Many of the custom trucks are properly equipped, but there are still a lot that aren’t, especially the older model trucks.

So what is one to do? Buy a really long extension cord? – No, of course not. You simply need a good power inverter. Basically they convert the power so that your items will operate. An inverter will let you plug in everything from the fridge to a cell phone charger. The best part is they too can be found almost anywhere.

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10. Gifts For Trucker Drivers, Emergency Kits 

If you’re one who is safety conscious then you might want to look at gifts for truck drivers that will help out in an emergency.

You never know when something might happen. It is better to be prepared and never need the emergency kit than to need and not have it.


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So a good first-aid kit is a MUST. Actually they are a legal requirement by the OSHA, so make sure your friend or loved one has theirs. Keep in mind some things do have a shelf life, so it is important to check the dates every so often.

A few items the kit should have are bandages, antiseptic, gauze, burn ointments, and even something for headaches. A good kit will have more than these items; you can find fully stocked kits available for a reasonable price.

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Gifts For Truck Drivers, Bonus Idea…

Sometime the best gifts for truck drivers are the things just for fun. I know, I said buy gifts that are useful and such, but sometimes you just got to have a little fun.



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