10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

6. Truck Driver’s Forums, Truckingtruth

Truckingtruth is one of the many popular truck driver forums. It was started by a veteran truck driver, Brett Aquila. He has over 15 years of professional truck driving experience. In that time he has driven in a lot of places and travelled all over the country doing it.

The truck driver forums posted on his site are educational in nature. He likes to share his knowledge and experience with others in the industry.

He is especially geared towards people considering the trucking industry and rookies that have just started.

He covers many useful topics that even include how to find free and paid truck driving schools or company sponsored CDL training.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.truckingtruth.com

7. Truck Driver’s Forums, TruckingBoards

When it comes to truck driver forums, TruckingBoards is considered a little more basic than others. They are a “private membership only forum”, which means you need to set up a profile before you can post or reply to blogs.

Don’t let that discourage you because they have almost 40,000 members and have been around for almost 20 years!

The great thing about their truck driver forums is that you won’t get as much spam and nonsense mixed in with the legitimate post. We all seen the ads to get rich quick or buy the next miracle whatever. They tend to not have all that, just good information related to the trucking industry.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.dig.do

8. Truck Driver’s Forums, Life as a Trucker

When looking for truck driver forums what is more appropriate than Life as a Trucker? Here you can feel free to post about most anything you would like. However they do not want any advertisements! It is quick and easy to post your entry.


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As the site says, “do you need to vent? Let it out, it’s therapeutic’! So say what’s on your mind. Ask questions to other truckers, offer advice, or simply post a comment. They are open to any industry related topic. They even have special truck driver forums for all the really ugly stuff truckers must deals with on a daily bases.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.decalsbyus.com

9. Truck Driver’s Forums, Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk; just imagine if your trailer could talk what would it say? Well check out their truck driver forums and find out! This blogging is created by Tom Berg, who is a CDL-qualified truck driver, writer, and editor. And he has been since 1978!

He covers a wide array of topics to include the latest technology and trends in trucking industry, to important parts of equipment for trucks specific topics. He also has the honor of doing road tests on many of the new commercial trucks and other vehicles. Check out his site to catch up on his latest topic.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.fleetsafetyconference.com

10. Truck Driver’s Forums, Truckie-D’s Blog

Truckie-D is known for “philosophical musings from the road” in his truck driver forums. These are usually firsthand accounting advices and personal experiences that are shared with audiences everywhere. He also writes about other drivers’ personal stories relating to trucking professionals.

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The truck driver forums and topics found here are great whether you have been driving the open road for 30 years or 30 days, because all of the articles are about what it really takes and what real life truckers often face in this industry.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.blog.directcapital.com


Well, there you have it, ten great truck driver forums! You of course might have one you like better. Or perhaps you belong to a group who post on LinkedIn or Facebook. Well, that is great, because you’re still reaching out and connecting with others in this industry.

Just think 20 years ago it was hard to find information about the trucking industry. It was there, and the internet had many good sites, even then, but finding the information was the problem, or finding someone to offer advice was often harder. Now it is there. All you have to do is find it. I hope one of the truck driver forums I shared will be of benefit to you.

What truck driver forums do you visit? Are there some you like better than others? Do you belong to a group? Share your blogs, forums, and groups with us.



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