10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USA

Speaking of which let me get on with mine. I have reviewed many forums and blogs and found that there are literally hundreds of blogs! But these seem to offer useful and/or entertaining information on the topics truckers care about. So in no special order here is a list of perhaps the 10 best truck driver forums.

1. Truck Driver’s Forums, NADA Commercial Truck Blog

For the first in our list of truck driver forums I chose the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

They proudly promote themselves as an organization that “represents the interests of new car and truck dealers to the public, the media, and Congress and vehicle manufacturers”.

Now, even do they do post blogs in every category associated with the automotive industry, however, the reason I chose them as one of the best truck driver forums, is because of their Commercial Truck Blog.

It offers wide variety topics, for those in the trucking industry.  They offer industry related event and news, market analysis with forecast, vehicle related information, and a whole lot of other topics.

10 Best Truck Driver Forums in the USASource: www.etrucking.com



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