Top 10 Trucking Companies In Utah


Choosing the right company out of 21,000 listed trucking companies in Utah can be difficult. This article will be really helpful finding the best company for freight transportation in the western part of the United States.

On January 4, 1896, Utah became the 45-th state of the USA. This state nowadays represents the 13-th largest in the U.S. and as a state with a population of more than 3 million Utah can be ranked on the 10-th place.

This state represents a center of education, government services, touristic destination, and transportation. All western freights transportation are going through Utah, mostly from California and Nevada.

The highway structure of Utah was planned upfront, to support daily heavy traffic. During the years Utah Department of Transportation has been searching for the best highway solution, and nowadays Utah presents a state with 5 Interstate Highways and a large number of State Routes.

Interstate 15, which is running from California through Salt Lake up to Canada, is one of the most dangerous roads in Utah. For this type of dangerous roads, only the best of the best truck drivers are passing through Utah and transporting loads up to Canada.

The number of trucking companies in Utah is more than 20,000, so the selection process of only 10 of them can be difficult.

According to my research and summing up all facts about the trucking companies, these are the best trucking companies in Utah. Let’s start down counting from the 10-th up to the first ranked trucking company.

10. Trucking Companies In Utah: D.P. Curtis Trucking Inc.


Founded in 1982 as a family business, this company started with transportation of artificial plants through Utah. Back then, D.P. Curtis Trucking fleet was comprised of only one flatbed truck, and nowadays their fleet size is more than 50 tractors accompanied with a wide range of trailers.

During the years they have been modifying their fleet of trailers for better market fitting, and today their trailer fleet is made up of variety of trailers, such as:

With this variety of trailers this trucking company nowadays can transport this kind of freights:

  • Building materials;
  • Agricultural products;
  • Metals;
  • Machinery;
  • Dry bulk commodities and much more.

All tractors from D.P. Curtis Trucking fleet can haul maxi trailers, unique trucking service that is dividing this trucking company from the rest in Utah.

I believe that this trucking company as one of the best trucking companies in Utah can satisfy your freight transportation needs and expectations with theirs professional services.

9. Trucking Companies In UtahAssociated Food Stores Inc.

Serving and supporting the independent retailers against the large chain grocery, this trucking company more than 70 years is committed to retailer’s progress on Utah market.

Associates Food Stores is serving only the locals, which means only small business owners in intermountain states can be served by this unique trucking company.


This company was established in 1940, with the connection of 34 independent retailers into a trucking company that today is having triple bigger fleet size, serving eight west states.

If you are an independent retailer in Utah or the rest of the eight west states, you can join this company – start driving for them, or you can use their trucking services accompanied with exceptional support and service.

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Nowadays this trucking company besides serving only the groceries, they have also enlarged their freight transportation in order to please a bigger range of cargo transportation. Associates Food Stores today is offering these types of cargo transportation:

  • Refrigerated freight transportation;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Paper product;
  • Haz-mats and more.

Over the years they stayed dedicated and supportive for the locals, providing professional trucking services to the small businesses and allowing them to compete with the big store chains.

With this kind of commitment to the independent-owned businesses, Associates Food Stores represents one of the best trucking companies in Utah, company that will help you in every freight transportation.

8. Trucking Companies In UtahITL Tanklines  

As a state that has huge numbers of refineries is normal to have truck companies that are dedicated to this department. LTL Tanklines is one of the trucking companies in Utah that is specialized in liquid transportation with special fuel trailers.


Based in South Roosevelt, Utah this trucking company besides the main terminal in South Roosevelt as well has terminals in these states:

  • Denver, CO;
  • Roosevelt, UT – Crude;
  • Roosevelt, UT – Water;
  • Stanley, ND – Crude and
  • Stanley, ND – Water.

This trucking company over 35 years is dedicated to professional liquid transportation and today with a fleet size of 152 tractors daily is transporting liquids across the state.


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As an exclusive liquid carrier, this company is transporting these commodities:

  • Refined Fuels;
  • Chemicals;
  • Agricultural additives.

Mainly this company is transporting freights on a short distance, with coverage of rocky mountain regions as well.

ITL Tanklines is providing safe and fully professional liquid transportation mainly in Utah, so if you are looking for a trucking company that is specialized in liquid bulk transportation, this company is the right match for your needs.

7. Trucking Companies In UtahBasin Western Inc.

Specialized in liquid bulk hauling, Basin Western is a trucking company that every year delivers more than 40,000 liquid loads.

Supported with a fleet size of 175 tractors, this company represents one of the best trucking companies in Utah.


Dedicated to the transportation of liquid commodities, this company can transport the following freights:

  • Haz-mats;
  • Gas;
  • Petrol;
  • Chemicals and much more.

Basin Western are one of the trucking companies in Utah that are approved from Utah’s refineries for fuel transportation with specialized fuel tanks trailers on the daily basis.


Based in Ballard, Utah Basin Western is an active liquid carrier which is hiring the most experienced truck drivers for one of the most delicate transportation.

Basin Western is having terminals in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, and Utah satisfying the customer’s expectation during the years.



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