Top 10 Trucking Companies In Utah

Approved from the Utah’s refineries should represent enough proof how good they are, so you can consider them as optional trucking company for liquid freight transportation.

6. Trucking Companies In UtahBrady Trucking Inc.

Considered as one of the safest and most reliable trucking companies in the United States, Brady is providing trucking services for more than 30 years with coverage of all 48 states in the USA.


This company is a leader in bulk hauling, offering local and regional hauling services, with transportation coverage in the difficult mountain areas. Their fleet is composed of 150 Peterbilt trucks accompanied with more than 200 trailers from all types.

The cargo transportation is allowed by trailer fleet that contains: flatbeds, step-deck trailers, lowboy trailers, fuel trailers; with one word this company is composed of all types of trailers.

These wide range of trailers mainly are transporting:

  • Oil and Gas;
  • Chemicals;
  • Minerals;
  • Construction materials and much more.

Lots of corporations as well independent contractors are dedicated to the trucking services that Brady Trucking successfully is providing more than 30 years.

From short-haul to long-haul services including trailers that can support every freight transportation, you can agree with me that this trucking company deserves to be counted as one of the best trucking companies in Utah.

5Trucking Companies In UtahBarney Trucking Inc.

If you were searching for a trucking company that is specialized in dry van hauling, Barney Trucking tailored trucking services are the perfect choice for you. Since 1947, they stayed dedicated to dry hauling and nowadays they are the first choice of a huge number companies that have the need for dry freight transportation.

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This company has been chosen by a large number of construction companies, building materials factories up to chemical companies, because of their variety of cargo transportation. Barney Trucking wide range of dry freight transportation includes:

  • All kind of building materials;
  • Household goods;
  • Metals;
  • Chemicals and more.

Barney’s fleet consists of 260 tractors and more than 1,000 trailers specialized for dry hauling, a fleet size that is allowing coverage of all states on the West Coast.


This company is constantly modifying the types of their trailers according to customers needs, a fact which proves how much this company is dedicated to their customers. Besides dry van hauling they are also offering storage solutions to their customer’s when they have a need for that kind of services.

Headquartered in Salina, Utah this company is serving the West Coast more than 60 years as specialized trucking company for dry loads transportation and represent the best match if you’ve been searching for a company that is transporting dry freights.

4. Trucking Companies In UtahKelle’s Transport Service Inc.

As young trucking company with the existence of only 15 years, Kelle’s Transport Service nowadays represents one of the best trucking companies in Utah.

It was hard for this company to compete with the oldest and very well known trucking companies on the Utah’s trucking market.

Kelle’s Transport Service managed to stay in the trucking industry and became a successful trucking company, thanks to their huge efforts, flawless trucking services and implementation of the latest technology.


These days Kelle’s fleet consists of 325 Cascadia Evolution tractors, modernly equipped containing the latest gadgets in the truck cabin. Latest model tractors are carrying 1,750 dry or refrigerated vans on the roads, providing a wide range of freights transportation.


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This company is specialized in raw materials and refrigerated freight transportation, so if you’ve been searching for a trucking company in Utah that covers these services, Kelle’ Transportation is the one.

3. Trucking Companies In Utah Andrus Transportation Services Inc.

As a start-up company with only one truck used as mobile market back in 1970, today Andrus Transportation are one of the biggest trucking companies in Utah with a modern fleet that contains 320 tractors and 800 trailers.


Nowadays, this company is providing a variety of hauling services in all 48 states in the USA. If you’ve been in a search for a trucking company in the western part of USA, Andrus Transportation is the right company for you. They are experts in delivery van freight and they are providing these transportation services:

  • Flatbed transportation;
  • Full truckload services – that can be transported with dry or refrigerated trailers;
  • Intermodal and
  • Less than truckload services.

These transportation services are supported with terminals located in California, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah. Mainly this company is doing their trucking business in the western states; as well they have drop yards located in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, Portland, Denver, Seattle, and Northern CA supporting the coverage of all 48 states.

Andrus Transportation is one of the best trucking companies in Utah that can satisfy every kind of transportation need with a wide range of transportation services across the state.

2. Trucking Companies In UtahPride Transport Inc.


Pride Transport is trucking company based in Salt Lake, Utah and represents a leading innovator in the trucking industry. Since their establishment back in 1979, this company is following and implementing the latest innovations in the trucking industry.

Nowadays, this company’s fleet comprises more than 500 late models tractors, which are Eco-friendly and titles as “green fleet”. All of the tractors are from the best truck manufacturers such as  Kenworth, Freightliner and Peterbilt, which are giving to their trucks drivers the best comfort that money can buy.


Pride Transport is offering a variety of trucking services to their customers, and some of those services are:

  • Local transportation;
  • Regional transportation;
  • LTL transportation etc.


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As one of the best trucking companies in Utah, they are also providing a wide range of cargo transportation, which includes:

  • Agriculture;
  • Building materials;
  • Vehicles;
  • Refrigerated food;
  • Steel containers etc.

If we sum up all types of cargo that this trucking company is transporting, as well including the widespread choice of trucking services, then without overthinking we can all agree that this company deserves a place in this list of the best tracking companies in Utah.

1.Trucking Companies In UtahC.R. England Inc.

C.R. England is one of the largest refrigerated trucking companies worldwide. This company for more than 90 years successfully transports temperature-sensitive freight.



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