10 Best Oilfield Trucking Companies in U.S.


Oilfield truck driving differs a lot from the other types of transportation.

Being part of the specialized load transportation category, oilfield trucking companies in U.S. can agree with the fact that oilfield driving jobs are becoming great opportunities!

Hence, oilfield trucking companies are well aware that oilfield trucking jobs represent a challenge for most truckers.

What these 10 best oilfield trucking companies that you will read about in this article have done is the following- their leaders have created prodigious training for their truckers, all with the aim to provide safe and reliable transportation services.

Source: www.paceoilfieldhauling.ca
Source: www.paceoilfieldhauling.ca

It seems like the universe is on the side of oilfield trucking companies.

Did you know that the oilfield trucking job boards and load boards are constantly expanding? This expansion of the oilfield trucking job boards means that oilfield trucking companies will open new oilfield driving job opportunities.

Oilfield trucking job boards’ expansion is equal to more money, both for oilfield trucking companies and oilfield truck drivers.

Furthermore you can read and learn more about the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in U.S..

Let’s take a look!

1. Smith Oilfield Services

Smith Oilfield Services is without a doubt one of the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in the USA. This trucking company was incorporated in 1981 as a full-service Oilfield Construction and Oilfield Trucking Company.

Since day one, this trucking company is providing only quality services to the North Texas and West Texas Oil and Gas Industries. Nowadays Smith Oilfield Services have adapted to the demands that the trucking industry implies, and are providing their customers with flexible, safe and on-time services.

Source: www.smithoilfieldservices.com
Source: www.smithoilfieldservices.com

Be that as it may, Smith Oilfield Services in order so ensure that their truck drivers are performing their duties properly started using Job Safety Analysis-JSAs.

Since I’m speaking about their team of truck drivers, I must not forget to mention that Smith Oilfield Services is keeping their customers informed via Safety Data and Safety Training.

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Moreover, the fleet of this trucking company is composed of the following trucks and trailers:

  • Rig Moves;
  • Gin Trucks;
  • Haul Trucks;
  • Forklifts;
  • Forklifts;
  • Pipe Rack & Catwalk Rental;

As you can see, Smith Oilfield Services is a trucking company that deserves to be ranked as one of the top 10 oilfield trucking companies in the USA.

2. W.M. Dewey and Sons Inc.

Been looking for an oilfield trucking company which provides comprehensive pipe services? Your search might stop at W.M. Dewey and Sons.

W.M. Dewey and Sons is one of the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in the USA. Therefore, this trucking company is specializing in manufacturing, distribution as well as drilling pipes.

Source: www.wmdewey.com
Source: www.wmdewey.com

Since its incorporation this trucking company is committed to safety. Oilfield pipe transportation is a complex process, but W.M. Dewey’s team of truck drivers simply know how to handle the risk, and to deliver the materials in the original condition.

Source: www.wmdewey.com
Source: www.wmdewey.com

Simple as that: Safety is the core of everything that the truck drivers of this truck drivers are doing. (they are even paying attention on which truck stop to take break)

Point often overlooked is that W.M. Dewey has achieved one of the highest safety ratings provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

To emphasize: the scope of services that this trucking company is offering covers the areas of intra-state Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas, New, Mexico.

3. Brady Trucking Inc.

Brady Trucking was established in 1980, nowadays this trucking business is one of the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in the USA.

So, by being in the trucking industry for 30 years Brady Trucking knows how to provide the safest and most reliable services to their customers, that’s for sure.

Source: www.bradytruckinginc.com
Source: www.bradytruckinginc.com

Generally speaking, this trucking company besides oilfield trucking services, is also offering customized transportation solutions. That is to say their truck drivers are ready to haul whatever you are in need of.

The fleet of Brady Trucking Inc. is composed of:

  • Drop deck trailers;
  • Side dump;
  • Belly dump;
  • Flatbeds;
  • Low boy trailers;
  • Transloaders;

I must not forget to reveal you that Brady Trucking is using the most advanced high-tech systems available. Also, all trucks that this trucking company owns have enabled in-cab satellite communications.

Source: www.bradytruckinginc.com
Source: www.bradytruckinginc.com

In the long run, Brady Trucking is offering their services in all 48 states, including Alaska, as well as Canada.

Keep in mind that their truck drivers are expertly trained in off-road conditions, as well as in mountain driving.

4. Lone Star

Lone Star is one of America’s premier specialized heavy hauler carriers, more precisely this trucking company is specializing in oilfield transportation. This trucking company was incorporated in 1988.

Source: www.lstinc.com
Source: www.lstinc.com

As a matter of fact, as one of the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in the USA, Lone Star is offering multiple full-service operations throughout all 48 states. Lone Star can handle it all, starting from seamless transportation regardless of origin, up to specialized transportation.

Source: www.lstinc.com
Source: www.lstinc.com

Equally important is the fact that Lone Star is providing full service to many independent oil and gas production companies. Their professional truck drivers can provide efficient safe and on time transportation, while at the same time providing costs minimization.

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So, if you are in need of off road delivery and services such as pipe stringing, then you can take into consideration this leading oilfield trucking company. Also, it is good for you to know that Lone Star has designed unique alliance programs offering customers reliability and flexibility.

5. Schneider

Schneider not only that it is known to be one of the best nationwide trucking companies, but also it is part of the 10 best oilfield trucking companies in the USA. This trucking company was founded in 1979.

Consequently, Schneider with their strong performance in both, local and regional markets, is continually showing that their truck drivers are real professionals, always steady to give their best.



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