Class 8 Trucks - The Most Important Part of USA Economy

Class 8 Trucks – The Most Important Part of USA Economy

Without new items being brought in to replace and replenish dwindling stock it would only be a matter of weeks before the shelves would be empty. Without food, fuel, and other necessities America would not be able to operate.

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Everything is transported by trucks

Ok, I can hear someone saying that isn’t true. What about the ships that brings items from places like China? What about the rail lines that crisscross throughout the nation, loaded with freight?

Air cargo companies? Or even the bicycle courier who zips around a busy city streets? Surely not everything is transported by truck?

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Actually, yes it is. How does it get from the shipyard to its final destination? How does it get to the railhead or from there to the warehouse?

Airplanes can’t land behind the local supermarket. Even the bicycle courier, where did he get his package from?

Everything is delivered by the trucking industry, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat to the cars we drive, everything. Just name it!

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The trucking industry grows every year

Factories have gotten to be more automated. Books are going electronic. Even children can be home schooled. Businesses evolve and change with the needs as they are presented. Every aspect of daily life changes and so does the business world. Everything grows.

As it is the world around us grows each day, so does the trucking industry. Sure it might have slow times and busy times but it always growing and expanding.

As the population grows, as more stores homes, and stores are being built, the trucking industry benefits. As mentioned above, it is the trucker who delivers the supplies, material, products, and cargo.

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It contributes 5% of annual GDP

Estimates vary and of course not all regions are the same. But the trucking industry is estimated at 5% of the GDP!

That is huge when you think of all the industries that operate in the USA.

Think about this, even Hollywood with movies breaking one billion dollars in ticket sales, ours still makes a significant impact on the economy.

Some experts actually expect the trucking industry to continue its growth rate for many years to come.

However, there is something else that is hard to factor in, but equally significant. That is the trucking industries greater economic impact. What do I mean by that?

Well you think of truck drivers, carrier businesses (and their staff), and perhaps even warehouse workers. But we should ask ourselves; what about the truck manufacturers?

And all the truck stops and specialty shops? What about gift and related items? Let’s not forget the governments own agencies created soles to oversee and regulate the trucking industry.

And there are numerous others whose livelihood are either directly or indirectly connect to the trucking industry.

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Like I said above the trucking industry is huge! And the possibilities are endless. With the ever expanding population combined with construction projects, the need of trucks is greater now than ever.

If you aren’t in the trucking industry and you wish to start carrier in this field, perhaps you should consider trucking school. If you’re in the industry already, it can be competitive so also try to find ways to cut cost and overhead.

As you can see the Class 8 trucks and their drivers are not just a part of the American life they are truly connected to America’s soul. They are what has helped make this nation grow and prosper, allowing it to go to the Moon and beyond.

Remember, whatever you call your class 8 truck you must take care of it. Keep up good maintenance schedules; check your tires, and keep up to date on the ever changing laws, because that truck is your office so to speak, your home away from home. But most importantly, enjoy the freedom of traveling the open road!

Class 8 trucks, big rigs, 18 wheeler, what other names have you heard? What are some of your tales regarding your adventures in the trucking world? Have things changed for the better? Share your thoughts.



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