Worst 10 Truck Driver Stresses Caused By Trucking Through The Holidays!

Truck Driver Stresses

Did you know that the trucking industry faces with truck driver stresses?

Have you ever experienced truck driver stresses in your company?

Every trucking company has.

Even the most professional ones.

Truck Driver Stresses Are Part Of The Job

In addition to this, in America, everyone waits for the holidays to come.

However, truck drivers may not have the chance to look forward to the holiday season.

Even the experienced drivers.

Having said this, even the holidays are the happiest time of the year, the stress in trucking is inevitable.

Being involved in the trucking industry takes a lot of courage.

In other words, it takes the brave hearted ones.

Why am I saying this?

Due to the complexity of the trucking industry, there are employees in the industry who occasionally face truck driver stresses.

Continually, there are a truck driver occupations which are more stressful than the rest.

Looking on the negative side this is how a dream job turns into the most stressful.

However, looking on the positive side, a single problem is not considered as one as long as there is a possible solution for it.

1. Time Management and Hours of Service

As shown above, working as a truck driver has its good, ugly and bad side in the trucking industry. Additionally, one of them is the inability to manage with the time given.

Although people want to embrace challenges, the trucking industry is probably the most difficult of all.

Furthermore, it is especially difficult for new truck drivers.

Truck Driver Stresses and importance of management
Source: www.youtube.com

Challenging as it may seem, the time management is one of the greatest and the most frustrating tasks that a truck driver has.

Continually, the number one issue that brings truck driver stresses is coping with the hours of service (HOS).

There are just so many things to do for the truck drivers while they are hitting the highways.

Truck Driver Stresses and time management
Source: www.josefacchin.com

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), there are certain rules that the drivers need to respect.

Additionally, they are not written as part of the law in order to fulfill space on a blank page.

However, it is an additional task for truck drivers and makes their day tougher than the usual.

Thus, the glamour of the industry is associated with continuous stress which is driven by the tight deadlines.

2. Dispatchers

In addition to the above mentioned,  dispatchers cause further problems for truck drivers.

To put it differently, there are aggressive dispatchers who are literally forcing truck drivers to complete a certain mileage.

One of the real problems of truck drivers in the industry is that dispatchers are actually allowed to do this legally.

Consequently, this results in even higher truck driver stresses.

Truck Driver Stresses are caused by dispatchers
Source: www.insperity.com

Particularly, truck drivers and dispatchers have a rather complicated relationship.

Notably, truck drivers have the toughest schedule during the holidays.

This is mostly due to the orders that other companies, industries, and individual people are making during that time.

With regards to loads, dispatchers are somehow “forcing” truck drivers to complete the route on time or make more mileage.

Truck Driver Stresses and dispatchers
Source: www.thebalance.com

However, they are completely unaware of the fact that the drivers might face delays due to shippers, traffic or getting lost due to the bad quality of GPS tracking system.

Consequently, this causes truck driver stresses among the vehicle operators.

Depending on the trucking company, the people in sales are ought to contact customers, apologize for the delay and probably pay for the lost time of the shipment.

3. Truck Breakdowns

Who would want to face a truck breakdown in the middle of nowhere?

No one.

Unfortunately, truck drivers face this issue a lot.

I think they face it that much that they are even becoming immune to it.

With the years of experience, a truck driver becomes able to manage this himself.

Truck Driver Stresses include truck breakdowns
Source: www.hendrickson-intl.com

However, the truck breakdown has an entire list of ugly consequences.

For example:

The truck driving simply brings so much more than any other job responsibility.

Employed in numbers in every state in the United States, truck drivers are sometimes carrying a stress weight on their shoulders than the cargo they are transporting in the truck.

In addition to this, they are facing the beginning of their battle with truck driver stresses.

Truck Driver Stresses are caused by truck breakdowns
Source: www.nytimes.com

Consequently, the potential to complete a particular cargo transportation drives a potential for encountering a dangerous situation.

The breakdown of a truck is simply a happening which can make or break a particular contract between two companies.


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To put it differently, there are companies who hire another trucking companies to transport the cargo.

Additionally, they may not tolerate these issues.

In each case, this may result in a client loss for transportation companies and truck driver stresses for those hitting the roads.

4.  Traffic Jams

Same as the breakdown of a truck, when the time comes, the traffic jams are also inevitable.

There are those types of roads in America which will get you stuck for more than three hours, staying still, at the same place.

During the holidays, you are not certain if it is the apocalypse or a holiday getaway.

The traffic jams are that scary.

Continually, the holidays are causing a lot of issues for truck drivers.

Truck Driver Stresses are due to traffic jams
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

Having said this, this time of the year makes truck drivers to hate the holidays because this is the time they are the most vulnerable.

To continue with, this is one of the reasons why truck driver stresses rise, in particular.

Being stuck in traffic is not comfortable at all.

Want to know the worst part?

While stuck in traffic, dispatchers are instantly checking the truck driver’s route, the time of the shipment and whether he will be able to make it on time.



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