Discover 10 Biggest Truck Warranty Problems

truck warranty problem and solution

Have you ever faced with particular truck warranty problems?

Moreover, which of the truck warranties you think is the toughest?

Well, since there are plenty, it would be wise to know about specific issues waiting for you in the future.

Notably, discovering some of these issues will result in reducing your trucking company expenses.

Consequently, in order to find a solution, it is important for you to know which issues you are dealing first.

Let’s begin.

1. Truck Warranty Is Not Covering Most of The Breakdowns

To begin with, the trucking industry is more complex than the other industries.

Having said this, it brings tons of nerve-wracking challenges and it takes the brave to handle the stress.

On the subject of this, there are hundreds of problems involved.

truck warranty reliability

In addition to this, there is a certain point in the trucking world when it comes to a breakdown of trucks.

What do you do in this case?

Well, let’s get to the very beginning.

Once you have decided to get a fleet, you are given a white piece of paper which is named a contract.

Along with the contract, you have the truck warranty coverage listed.

truck warranty contract

Having said this, you have a warranty for a limited number of repairs and breakdowns.

In particular, this is the number one problem every trucking company or an owner-operator is facing.

Continually, there comes the time when you need to face the problem.

Once your truck faces a breakdown, you expect to have your warranty cover the repair.

However, that is impossible, since you have agreed to other terms.

Additionally, you need to always be careful when you are signing a contract for a truck warranty.

Quick Tip: Always Read Contracts Before Buying

2. Truck Warranty is Not Covering Truck Towing

Do you know if your truck warranty is covering truck towing?

If you are thinking about starting a trucking business, you need to include the warranty in the expense coverage.

Having said this, there are other factors affecting the economy in the trucking industry and truck warranty coverage in general.

On the subject of this, the contract warranty is not covering truck towing.

truck warranty and truck towing

To put it in a different way, before you sign a contract related to truck towing, you need to get reliable answers for it.

Due to this matter, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What truck manufacturers cover tow truck repair?
  • Is my truck warranty covering truck towing?
  • Is travel interruption or an accident covered?

In addition, these are the questions you need to have prepared for the truck manufacturer before you get a truck or an entire fleet.

truck warranty information

Therefore, as a solution, I propose to make a deal with the truck manufacturers. On the other hand, you could make a deal with the manufacturing companies.

Continually, you could also choose some of the best truck manufacturers in the United States, and you might avoid this problem.

On the contrary, once a particular truck warranty is over, you could sign a contract with some of the best truck insurance companies.

Quick Tip: Discover Multiple Warranty Coverages and Make a Comparison

3. Truck Warranty Is Not Covering Truck Downtime

Continually, similar to the above-mentioned, the warranties are not covering downtime as well.

On the subject of this, it is very important for you to ask yourself some questions before you purchase any warranty.

Additionally, ask yourself the following:

  • Do I need major component coverage?
  • Is covering things that fall most often the right thing?

With this in mind, you never know what coverage will suit your business best.

truck warranty downtime

Continually, you need to drag deeper than only getting answers to the above-mentioned questions and give it a deep thinking.

Moreover, there are further questions that require an answer as well. For example, there is the following:

  • Do you stick with the truck manufacturer?
  • Will you stick with the engine manufacturer?

Discovering the answers to the above-mentioned questions is important in order to determine your coverage duration.

Consequently, the coverage arrangement is rather tricky.

truck warranty arrangement
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In addition to this, it is a common matter that every trucking business owner is facing.

Due to this problem, every owner needs to find the best possible solution for this.

For example, you could get an extended truck warranty.


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Inevitably, this may involve particular expenses but it will definitely save you from additional repair costs in the next few years.

Quick Tip: Get An Extended Warranty Before It Expires

4. Truck Warranty Is Not Covering Lost Earnings

When it comes to combining warranties and choosing the best one, there are thousands of combinations and a huge dilemma involved.

In addition to this, before you sign a particular contract, the point is to be aware of what you are signing.

As a matter of fact, the entire point of checking the contract twice before you sign it is in order to save yourself from further expenses.

In addition to this, there are plenty of things involved here.

truck warranty lost earnings

Generally speaking, it is always best to check which truck warranty arrangement will suit your trucking business best.

Why am I saying this?

Well, for one strong reason, everything that the truck warranty is not covering, like the lost earnings, for example, can be covered.

You have probably heard about truck insurance.

Unlike truck warranty which covers factory defects only, the truck insurance reduces cost.

Quick Tip: Compare and Decide Which Type of Warranty Is For You

5. Truck Warranty Is Not Covering Drivers Salary

Another problem you might be facing nowadays with your truck warranty is covering the driver’s salary.

Same as there are fuel expenses, fleet expenses, or truck accessories expenses, the salary of the drivers is inevitable.

Continually, there are always unpredicted, and probably worst expenses which might be slowing you down to save for other costs.



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