Discover 10 Biggest Truck Warranty Problems

truck warranty and drivers

In addition to this, when it comes to truck warranty, company owners and owner-operators are exposed to additional costs.

Besides the fact that they get the warranty, they are still not fully covered from the expenses.

Looking on the positive side, the truck warranty will at least save you from specific truck repairs.

This does not refer to truck drivers’ salary.

Consequently, you will have to take care of this cost by yourself.

truck warranty poor quality

The only thing that results in further expense is the entire coverage for the truck driver’s salary.

For example, there are included the following:

  • Insurance (Medical, Dental, etc.)
  • Bonuses
  • Paid Vacation

As an explanation to this, the trucking company owners need to cover all of this. To emphasize, the larger the trucking company, the more truck drivers.

Consequently, the more truck drivers, the bigger the insurance costs.

Quick Tip: Make Sure You Get The Best Out Of Warranties

6. Truck Repair Shops Are Not Always The Most Honest Places

If the truck is out of warranty, the type of problem may eventually determine where you can take it for repair. A reputable and independent shop under normal circumstances should be able to handle the most common repairs.

Shops that are in fact specializing in your truck’s brand are more likely to previously had a proper training, possession of quality equipment, as well as up-to-date information.

truck warranty agreements

A good technician will certainly inform you when a problem with warranty appears and will redirect you to the dealership or even a specialty shop.

If you are experiencing a problem with an electronic system, such as navigation or a multi-functioning control system, in that case, consider taking the truck to the dealership.

In case of safety recall work performance, you also need an assistance from a dealership.

truck warranty truck repair

Therefore, here is the solution.

You need to find a reliable truck repair shop.

Identifying a mechanic you can trust for your truck takes a lot more than letting your fingers do the walking.

Notably, you need to do the following:

  • Find a shop for your brand of car
  • Search The Internet
  • Check for Certification
  • Ask about truck warranty
  • Make sure it is a reliable truck shop

Quick Tip: Get Reliable and Trustworthy Repair Shops

7. To Get a Truck Repaired On Truck Warranty You Might Need to Wait for 5 Days

In particular, the waiting is another annoying process that the truck drivers and company owners are facing in the industry.

Having said this, it is not that scary if compared to the other truck warranty issues in the transportation industry.

Furthermore, this is a specific situation when the real problem occurs.

truck warranty repair

In addition to this, truck repairs which are not under warranty are more likely to be finished earlier unlike those which are under warranty.

Notably, this is due to the fact that you are not paying for it which results in less profit for the mechanics.

Continually, this will bring additional costs, problems and stressful situations for your trucking company.

truck warranty costs

What happens in the next few days while you have your truck repaired?

Your business is partially on stop.

Consequently, although you are covered for the repair with your truck warranty, you are exposed to load transportation delay or a complete stop.

Quick Tip: Know The Cancellation Policy

8. Truck Warranty Is Only Valid at Certain Locations

As a consequence of the truck warranty which states that it will cover you only if there is a factory defect, you know you will be facing huge expenses if an accident occurs.


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In addition to this, another problem attached to the limited truck warranty repairs is the state’s limited warranty validity.

The thing is, even if you pay a certain amount for the truck warranty you are exposed to further expenses.

Yes, more expenses await you.

truck warranty validity

Imagine having a truck driver who is in the middle of nowhere in another state and has to have the truck towed and the warranty does not cover it.

Now imagine that on top of that, the truck warranty is not valid at the location you are planning to haul and create huge profit.

I must admit, the transportation industry and the laws connected to it are tough.

To continue with, in order to save yourself from these further costs it is important to get through and reliable information about the truck warranties.

truck warranty location validity

On the subject of this, it is best if you ask your truck insurance company to explain to you how the border crossing process goes.

To put it in a different way, there are some states which require insurance cards.

To emphasize, these are given by your trucking company.

Furthermore, if you do not possess or have this card with you while in another state, you might be exposed to a fine.

Quick Tip: Be Prepared Even If You Are Warranty Covered

9. Truck Warranty Sometimes Require You To Tow Truck To Long Distance Location

In addition to the lost earnings, the long distance truck towing plays a great role when looking for the best truck warranty.

Due to the different and specific arrangements and contracts, truck warranties can be tricky.

Accordingly, there are trucking companies which are providing long-haul types of freight transportation.

Hence, the tow trucking or any kind of road assistance in the middle of nowhere is essential to be provided.

truck warranty long distance repair

Having said this, this immediately results in additional fuel costs.

Although your truck might still be under warranty, the fuel expense is not.

Unless you have an arrangement with a particular truck stop, which allows you to get fuel usage discounts.

On the other hand, you will be obliged to stick to the truck warranty and agree to the listed conditions.



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