Discover 10 Biggest Truck Warranty Problems

Once you have decided to get a fleet, you are given a white piece of paper which is named a contract.

Along with the contract, you have the truck warranty coverage listed.

truck warranty contract

Having said this, you have a warranty for a limited number of repairs and breakdowns.

In particular, this is the number one problem every trucking company or an owner-operator is facing.

Continually, there comes the time when you need to face the problem.

Once your truck faces a breakdown, you expect to have your warranty cover the repair.

However, that is impossible, since you have agreed to other terms.

Additionally, you need to always be careful when you are signing a contract for a truck warranty.

Quick Tip: Always Read Contracts Before Buying

2. Truck Warranty is Not Covering Truck Towing

Do you know if your truck warranty is covering truck towing?

If you are thinking about starting a trucking business, you need to include the warranty in the expense coverage.



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