dishonest truck mechanics in a truck repair shop

Dishonest Truck Mechanics- Trucking Industry Big Problem

Truck mechanics, or also known as diesel services technicians, are the people who are performing the repair process of class 8 trucks, large construction vehicles, as well as tractor trailers.

The first and foremost duty of truck mechanics is to:

  • Inspect and diagnose the trucks;
  • Repair the: brake systems, engines, electrical components, steering system, transmission, tires;

In general, truck mechanics are in charge of the diagnostic tests and the routine use of computerized equipment. As well as to drive the trucks before and after the repair process is being finished.

At first sight, the profession of truck mechanics seems to be pretty much humble. But, unfortunately, these days we can hear a lot of myths about truck mechanics becoming dishonest, that in most cases turn out to be more likely a reality than a myth.

Not all truck mechanics and repair shops were created to be equal.

There are some truck mechanics and repair shops offering extraordinary repair services, whereas on the opposite side there are a lot of truck mechanic scammers.

Here are few tips how you can recognize and face dishonest truck mechanics.

So, let’s take a look!

1. How To Recognize The Signs of Dishonest Truck Mechanics

Not all truck mechanics are as honest as they should be.

Hence, finding the right truck mechanic can be pretty much tricky process and a grueling task at the same time.


How one can recognize the signs of a dishonest truck mechanics?

Ask truck mechanics for how long they have been in the business

Questions are always welcome. Sometimes questions are the only way to finding out the truth about truck mechanics.

Keep in mind that a reputable truck mechanics is the one that will have the right answers to all of your questions.

Tip: Always ask for certificates.

Look forward to signing an authorization written form

One of the signs that you are dealing with a dishonest truck mechanics might be the one that he is leading you to sign a blank work authorization form. Don’t forget to check whether the mechanic is certified by the ASE- Automotive Service Excellence.

Tip: Look for a truck mechanics that will be in the position to guarantee his work.


Besides this, other initial signs that a truck mechanics is scamming on you includes:

  • Not showing old parts;
  • Fixing some parts that are not related to the initial issue;
  • Flushes and top-offs;
  • They are always addressing your problem to be the biggest possible problem that is happening to trucks;
  • The repairs take forever and they come in groups;


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Simply, keep in mind not to fall for the first mechanics that you are going to visit. Always dig deeper than what they are putting on the plate because after all, it is all about your truck.

2. Truck Mechanics And Repair Shops Overcharging

Truck mechanics and repair shops tend to overcharge their customers every now and then. It is no secret. I bet that you have been in the situation when your truck mechanics has charged you for unnecessary repairs.

Some truck mechanics these days are accustomed to misdiagnosing some truck issues that are in fact not that faulty, or not faulty at all. Yet, in some states in the USA, there are laws that are not allowing this type of issues.


For example, if a truck driver in Michigan leaves his truck for repair, and it happens that he is overcharged, then he is in the legal position to file a lawsuit against it.

Henceforth, when you are looking forward to finding the best truck mechanics and a repair truck shop you should check the following things:

  • Whether there is a clean lot with plenty of turnovers;
  • Try to get in touch with the mechanics;
  • Check the guy that sits behind the shop’s front counter and makes the estimation and repair bills;

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that truck mechanics will suggest replacement of as many non-defective parts that they can. All with the aim to gain more money.

Yet, you should be alerted to choosing the right repair shop, because not only that the wrong repair shop and truck mechanics can overcharge you, but as well they can damage your truck.

3. Check Google for Reviews of The Location

Each trucking company has its own truck repair needs which are unique.

Thereupon, in order for a trucking company to solve its truck repair needs, it should find the best truck mechanics and the best truck repair shops.

And what a quicker and better way than checking google for reviews from previous customers?


By doing a good homework, that is to say by checking Google for reviews about truck mechanics near you, you will be in the position to compare one shop to another.

Likewise, by checking the reviews you can see which truck mechanics is the best for the problem that you are having with your truck.

Moreover, by checking google for reviews of truck mechanics and truck repair shops you will be in the position to answer yourself the following questions:

  1. Did people had any issues with the truck after the repair has been made?
  2. Were the people in the position to truck the mechanics?
  3. Were truck repairs performed in a timely fashion?

Keep in mind that if there are few reviews that come from unsatisfied and upset customers than know that the truck mechanics that you have chosen is not the right one for you.

4. Lying About the Truck Repair Size

Knowledge seems to be the best form of defense that trucking companies and truck drivers can have against truck mechanics. But, there are still people in the trucking industry that are not able to detect dishonest truck mechanics.

But, what happens when trucking companies cannot detect truck mechanics that are lying about the truck repair size?



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