dishonest truck mechanics in a truck repair shop

Dishonest Truck Mechanics- Trucking Industry Big Problem


Hence, the best way that customers can take in fighting dishonest truck mechanics is through developing a long-term relationship with a well-ranked repair shop that you as a customer can trust.

On the positive side, developing a long-term relationship with a repair shop will bring you both security and fair prices.


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So, seeking recommendations is the best way to finding a good and well-ranked repair shop. Yet, one more important thing that you should pay attention to before authorizing any repairs on your truck is getting an estimation in a written form.

Even though you have found the best truck repair shop for your truck, it is still recommendable for you to ask for all the repairs that the truck mechanics has performed.

Thereupon, ask for what has been done to your truck, and check all the old parts that the truck mechanics have replaced.


To enumerate, the trucking world in the USA is unhappily facing with dishonest truck mechanics. Customers every now and then are sharing their experiences on trucker forums, reviews and official sites of the dishonest truck mechanics.

In general, the only thing left for people who are in need of truck repair is to be extremely careful when looking forward to choosing a truck mechanic and a repair shop. Putting little bit more effort in the search for good mechanics can bring you the only positive outcome. After all, it is all about your safety, time and money. If you want to get your truck repaired properly then it is recommendable for you to have these facts that I have included in this article in mind.

Therefore, if you have any previous experience with some dishonest truck mechanics (regardless of the state where you have faced with one) please share your experience, and figures how you solved the problem. It would be of a great help to our readers.



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