Reduce Truck Repair Shop Expenses

Learn Secret Tips How to Reduce Truck Repair Shop Expenses

Keeping track on every expense in your company will give you reliable info for future coordination; maybe you need new tires, new belts, new trucks… YES these are necessary elements for continuous operation.


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Maintenance check list

  • engine maintenance
  • under the hood fluid levels
  • chassis
  • tire maintenance
  • brakes
  • drivability checks
  • Cab/driver items

Are all this expenses necessary? Now we are speaking! I am sure that at the moment you have to do everything that is in your power to keep your trucks rolling no matter of costs but… when you repair your truck be aware of the fact that you will face with this barrier again in the future, be prepared and find the best place and team to do that.

Plan your maintenance in advance and keep your trucks in good conditions

Burden of every information and task that is going thru you is enormous. I one moment in worst case scenario Murphy will show his real face in person and it will be scary, everything that can turn wrong it will, defect by defect will cause stress and unpleasant situation for everybody included in that process.

I am not trying to scare you I am trying to give you directions, some of you taste this bitter scent and I am sure you fight like a gladiator to keep your company standing toll on its feet, you are the best adviser for this matter follow your experience with your fellow companies, prevent them from the same mistakes.

Plan your maintenance in advance to avoid unexpected situations with your fleet vehicles. Being step ahead over the process most of the time will give you opportunity to prevent bigger damages or downtime, still there will be unexpected situations but it will be a few, not a lot in the same time and you will be able to deal with them one by one.

Do everything to keep your vehicles on the road without technical obstacles, your trucks and their productivity are your company ambassadors, your representatives to the world, make sure they are in perfect condition and well prepared to present you in the best light.

  • maintain you vehicles regularly
  • supply them with proper season equipment
  • be prepared and prepare your truck drivers to solve small breaks
  • choose the best team to maintain your trucks

If you are buying new trucks upgrade for extended warranty

When we buy new things it is important to have enough time warranty to test the product and to protect our investment.

When you are buying new truck your financial investment is huge and along with that loses can be bigger, always purchase for extended warranty, cover your major breakdowns in longer period of time.

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The trucks more than other vehicles are more exposed on extreme external influences which could contribute to improper operation or malfunction of any part.

Make sure the warranty is backed by the manufacturer not just by the dealership in this way you can use repair services at any dealership across the country not just at the dealership that you buy the truck

Pursue document to see which areas are covered and what is included in the warranty. Spend money in the beginning because in most of the cases price of an extended warranty is much lower than the price of the replacement parts together with the labor cost for repairs in the future.

Benefits of extended truck warranty:

  • Guaranteed ability to repair your vehicle
  • Tailored extended warranties to fit specific needs
  • Peace of mind
  • Increased resale value

If possible have a maintenance plan from Penske or Ryder for unexpected situations

Running well maintained vehicles is necessary thing to do, to ensure delivery time and spending cost. To work without downtime of your trucks you have to find the most reliable and the most efficient partner to maintain your fleet. Penske and Ryder are the best in this field.

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They upgrade their equipment all the time to catch the technical development, they invest in the technician’s automotive service education to be up to date with the new technical possibilities.

They capture and analyze vehicle performance, offer online services for the trucks: moment condition, repairs, possible breakdowns and potential failures of the vehicles to ensure your equipment is running at optimal levels.

You will be sure that you receive high-quality parts to run your fleet. You do not have to worry about possible breakdowns now you can live that to the professionals. Having great maintenance team will give you relief and chance to spend more time to serve your customers instead of running back and forth to find a proper maintenance service.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Prevent problems before they occur find the most suitable partner for your business

  • nationwide network
  • certified trained technicians
  • regularly scheduled maintenance
  • time to time preventive maintenance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and support
  • available rentals
  • detailed maintenance records

Carefully choose the truck repair shop – get a quote first

Is this the best repair shop for my vehicles? Your trucks are your main force for your business, you need to be very careful with your choice of repair shop and know what they can offer for you.

Knowing the lower cost out there on the market and what they can give for your money, will never hurt your business.

Find the best that can be offered for the optimal cost; be sure you find the right place for you.

Get multiple quotes for expensive repairs

Smart thing to do is to choose the best possible repair shop for your trucks; you can do this with asking for a quote from different repair shops. This way you can choose the one which meet your requirements and give the best repair conditions for your vehicles.

Since we are speaking about expensive repairs here, make sure you have at least five quotes that you can gather and then work your options. There is always a cheaper way than what you already found, put some extra effort!

  • contact multiple repair shops
  • get as much offers as possible
  • get as many offers as possible
  • negotiate

Once you find your best option you can always try to barge for cheaper cost, you never know, it might work.



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