Reduce Truck Repair Shop Expenses

Learn Secret Tips How to Reduce Truck Repair Shop Expenses

To reduce downtime cost check the option for cheap truck rental (if your truck is not driving for a week you will lose up to $5k)

How can I deal with this issue? Regular maintenance and preventive daily checkups can help to prevent major repair cost and downtime, not to forget big source of stress when accidents and breakdowns appear.

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Finding suitable repair service, scheduling vehicle for repairs, waiting … will take a lot of time of your normal business activities and this will put your company under standby and you under pressure.

You cannot afford to waste precious time out of the road, find cheap truck rental and save time and money.

Downtime cannot be predicted, it happens and you are left on hold, do not wait for your truck to be repaired, it may take weeks and with every week without driving you are losing $5,000.

Find a cheap truck rental, find suitable truck for the load, rent it and keep going. Don’t waste your time for unnecessary reasons; you are making money when your truck is on the road, replace your defect vehicle with the rent one and keep rolling.

If you can’t have your own have annual contract for maintenance and get 25% lower prices

If you cannot afford your own maintenance find the most practical way to that.

Time to time repairs can be very expensive avoid this nightmare, cover all repair cost without paying more than you need to, instead periodical higher cost for repairs you can make annual maintenance contract, get 25% lower prices.


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Having maintenance contract and maintenance packages will give you peace and convenience. Choose the best combination of services suitable for your company and save time and money on annual base. You have number of different maintenance options to chose:

  • full repair and maintenance coverage of all mechanical and electrical components
  • full labor cost coverage
  • all ministry inspections and preventive maintenance
  • coverage on all parts
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • pre MOT inspection
  • annual MOT test fee
  • oil and lubricants
  • maintenance records

In most of the cases maintenance services, for your long time commitment will give you additional benefits; a reward for your trust.


Having a maintenance plan gives you chance to deal with the obstacles at the moment of appearing. Take a look on every process in your company, analyze and be prepared for positive changes.

We all do periodical health checkups, we do that to prevent us from infection which in long term can be fatal for our health. Prevent your truck from fatal infection, do regular maintenance.  If you are taking care of your trucks they will take care of the loads to be delivered on time. Find the best maintenance business partner to pull the best from your business.

Make a long term strategy gather all the information and be more effective in the future, save money and invest those money in practical tools and processes which will lead you to success.



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