dishonest truck mechanics in a truck repair shop

Dishonest Truck Mechanics- Trucking Industry Big Problem

Here are few tips how you can recognize and face dishonest truck mechanics.

So, let’s take a look!

1. How To Recognize The Signs of Dishonest Truck Mechanics

Not all truck mechanics are as honest as they should be.

Hence, finding the right truck mechanic can be pretty much tricky process and a grueling task at the same time.


How one can recognize the signs of a dishonest truck mechanics?

Ask truck mechanics for how long they have been in the business

Questions are always welcome. Sometimes questions are the only way to finding out the truth about truck mechanics.

Keep in mind that a reputable truck mechanics is the one that will have the right answers to all of your questions.

Tip: Always ask for certificates.

Look forward to signing an authorization written form

One of the signs that you are dealing with a dishonest truck mechanics might be the one that he is leading you to sign a blank work authorization form. Don’t forget to check whether the mechanic is certified by the ASE- Automotive Service Excellence.



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