dishonest truck mechanics in a truck repair shop

Dishonest Truck Mechanics- Trucking Industry Big Problem


Unfortunately, the very first thing that truck mechanics will try to lie you about is the truck repair size. Yet, truck repairs can range from basic tasks, up to complicated repairs.

Nevertheless, don’t get surprised if you find yourself in that kind of situation. If you see something suspicious it is the best for you to get in touch with other truck mechanics and get multiple estimates.

Once you get multiple estimates, it is when you will be in the situation to discover whether your truck needs to undergo the repairs that the suspicious truck mechanics has informed you about. Also, this way you will be able to see the pricing that different mechanics will give you about the same problem.


Never let truck mechanics track more work on your truck than the one repair that you came in for. It is no secret that if you go in a truck repair shop for a simple oil change, it never turns out to be just a simple oil change.

Truck mechanics have developed into great businessmen, that is to say, they will try to serve you as well the transmission flush, tire alignment, as well as brake repairs.

5. Not Proving the Evidence and Spare Parts

Truck mechanics who are not providing enough evidence for the parts that they have changed and the repairs that they have done are definitely not considered to be reliable for further collaboration.

As a customer in a truck repair shop, you are permitted to the return of the spare parts that your truck mechanics have replaced. Yet, in order for you to be legally entitled to this right, you should sign a contract before the actual repair process takes place.


On the other hand, if you have no contract in which it is stated that your truck mechanics is obligated to return the spare parts to you, then he is in the position to take your spare parts and to never return it back in your hands. So, before you leave your truck in a repair shop be alerted to sign a contract including this point.

On the positive side, if you have signed a contract about a return of spare parts, then the shop should keep all replaced parts, and to provide those parts to you when picking up the truck from the shop.

6. Truck Mechanics Tend To Generalize Common Problems

Trucking companies should be always alerted to dishonest truck mechanics who want to generalize common truck problems. Simply, truck driver mechanics tend to a fallacy of defective induction.

But, what do I refer to when I say generalizing common truck problems?


Well, generalizing common problems includes a deduction of truck mechanics about the truck- without even performing a check. Quite often generalization leads to unnecessary repairs of trucks, as well as to the unfair treatment of customers.

For example, if in general, most Freightliner trucks are facing with the problem of having bad Jake brake control, the dishonest truck mechanics will lead you to a belief that your Freightliner truck should have the same problem with the Jake brake, without checking it first.

Thereupon, you as a customer should have an immune state of mind to this type of truck mechanics scams.


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Be ready to detect when a mechanics is trying to generalize common truck problems because that generalization cannot solve the problems that you have with your truck, quite the opposite, a generalization can make you spend more money about truck parts that you didn’t have the need to change.

7. The Price Customers Pay For Choosing A Dishonest Truck Mechanics

As we know, unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest truck mechanics in the USA who are making scams on their customers. Straight proportionally the price that customers pay for choosing a dishonest truck mechanics is huge.


In general, the price that customers pay for choosing a dishonest truck mechanic goes beyond the actual money spending for bad repairs. On the negative side choosing a dishonest truck mechanic can put the lives of truck drivers and their safety at risk.

Why is that so?

Well, operating with a poorly repaired truck can lead only to truck incidents. Actually, a poorly repaired truck can turn the simplest thing for repair into an expensive one. Nonetheless, dishonest truck mechanics by turning the simplest thing for repair into an expensive one will bring as well stress and wasted time to their customers.


I strongly believe that no one wants to get repairs repaired, so give your best to prevent leaving your truck in the hands of a dishonest truck mechanics. Avoiding a dishonest truck mechanics not only that will save you time and money, but also it will put you rolling on the road in a safe and time-efficient manner.

Tip: Stay away from dishonest truck mechanics, decrease your insurance premiums and stay safe on the road.

8. How To Fight Back Dishonest Truck Mechanics

Most of the time truck repairs do work out, but every now and then customers encounter dishonest truck mechanics that instead of helping, are making a bigger problem for them instead.


Which is the best way to estimate truck mechanics scams?

It is simple, just check if there is a big difference between the bill that you pay at the end of the truck repairs and the initial estimate that the truck mechanics has given to you when you left the truck in his repair shop.

So, it turns out that the best way to protect yourself from any scam that a truck mechanics can cause is through getting a written estimate on the repair sheet.

Thereupon, if you find yourself in the situation that you have brought your truck to a truck repair shop, but at the end, it turned out that the work that the truck mechanics did was not done at all, and the fixes don’t work? Then you will have to fight back.



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