10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

This article will be dedicated to the best trucking companies in Alabama. The aim of it will be to help your way in finding easily the best trucking company that will meet and fulfill your needs.

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As trucking industry is advancing, we can notice that straight proportionally there is a growth regarding the establishment of new trucking companies. New trucking companies are being incorporated almost every month in Alabama.

Therefore, when it comes to trucking industry in Alabama, there are a lot of trucking companies; likewise it means that there is a wide choice of services that these companies are offering. So if you need transportation services nowadays you will be able to find a trucking company in your area, you won’t have to search for trucking companies in other states like you did few years ago.

The growth of trucking industry, as well as the stability that this business has achieved in the past few years is leading towards growing profit. We can notice growing profit for everybody – for the trucking companies, the truck drivers and the customers.

In this industry the price of transportation services varies a lot, it all depends from the trucking company that is doing the transportation, as well as from the services that the customer is requesting.

After doing detail research, I have found the following 10 trucking companies as the best in Alabama:

  1. Perdido Trucking Service LLC;
  2. RWH Trucking;
  3. Cooke Transportation Company;
  4. Hornady Transportation;
  5. Evergreen Transport LLC;
  6. BR Williams Trucking;
  7. R.E. Garrison Trucking Inc.
  8. WTI Transport;
  9. Montgomery Transport;
  10. Watkins Trucking Company;

Henceforth, finding the right trucking company that will provide you with all the services that you need is not that easy. But yet in Alabama there are a lot of companies that are operating successfully and have built a legacy.

Also I believe that when someone is searching for a trucking company is looking for a well-established company that is leaving positive impressions to its customers.

Because customer care and care for the loads in this industry means a lot. The loads should be picked up and delivered in a time-efficient manner, ultimate care and safety. Before doing the final decision, be wise and do a proper research, as well hear the experiences that your colleagues have with specific trucking companies.

1.Perdido Trucking Service LLC

If you are looking for a job as a truck driver in Alabama, Perdido Trucking Service LLC would make a good place to build your carrier as a driver. Also if you need transportation of any kind of goods Perdido Trucking will generously offer you their services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Therefore, this is one of those trucking companies that provide services to many industries. Also besides the large number of services that the company offers, it has a wide network of distribution areas in:

  • Alabama;
  • Florida Panhandle;
  • Mississippi;
  • Louisiana;

They have large fleet; their trucks are mostly models from Kenworth, Peterbilt and Mackay cabins. Their trucks are offering ultimate safety and security.

At the same time truck drivers will be able to drive in cozy cabins, do the transportation on time, and feel good in their second home. That is so because this trucking company pays really big attention to their drivers. Also another good thing to know is that their trucks are comprised from aluminum and steel, which provides ultimate security of the loads.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

When Perdido Trucking Service LLC opens advertisements for truck driver job opportunities, they are recruiting truck drivers by applying strict regulations and rules for the drivers that they will choose. That is so because they want to work only with professionals, in order to maintain their good reputation.

For example if you want to work in this company you will have to have in mind that they do not hire drivers that have less than 3 years’ experience. As well it is really important for the driver that applies for the position to have obtained CDL license, actually it’s the start point if you want to become professional truck driver for any company.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Moreover, Perdido Trucking Service LLC pays attention also to the laws, rules, and regulations. Every truck driver should fulfill the standard physical requirements, such as :

  • Listening;
  • Writing;
  • Typing;
  • Climbing on the trailers;
  • Kneeling, Grasping, Bending, and Lifting;

Perdido offers services that can be done with dump trailer, dry bulk pneumatic, flat bed and low boy trucks. So if you choose Perdido know that you are choosing one of the best trucking companies in Alabama.

2.RWH Trucking

RWH Trucking is at the same time logistics and a trucking company. It offers any services that require the use of deep frozen, refrigerated, and dry truckload transportation.

Likewise this company is the national leader and provider of these kind of services. Correspondingly, RWH Trucking is one of the best trucking companies in Alabama that provides these specific services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Therefore, if you need transportation that requires frozen, refrigerated services bear in mind that they will fulfill every requirement in the most professional way possible.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

On the flip side, if you are looking for a job as a truck driver you should know that this company offers exceptional salary and first class safety programs. Drivers in RWH Trucking have enormous respect for each-other and are always good team players.

All in all it’s an excellent company both for the customers and the employees.

3.Cooke Trucking Company

Cooke Trucking Company is in this business since 1958, ever since its incorporation it has built a good reputation and became one of the best trucking companies in Alabama. The specialty of this company is that it offers coast to coast goods transportation, which is rare to find in this area.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

Cooke Trucking Company has achieved to remain in the trucking industry and to maintain its good reputation for so long due to the services that they offer, as well as because of their reasonable prices.

This company mostly hauls general commodities and has obtained I.C.C. authority which allows them to haul goods in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Moreover, being a family owned trucking company – Cooke Trucking if operating with trailers that are equipped for long hauls and line tractors. All of their truck drivers are well trained and are following the rules and regulations of D.O.T. .

10 Best Trucking Companies in Alabama

When it comes to the fleet of Cooke Trucking Company, they own:



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