10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

  • Doing transportation of overweight containers;
  • Hazardous cargo transportation, and
  • Heavy haul materials.


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This company has well trained professional drivers that will take care of your loads, and they will manage to deliver it on time. As a client you can expect that Pioneer Transport will deliver your loads on time no matter of the location, and be sure that they won’t disappoint you. Therefore time efficiency is their specialty.

4.Reed Trucking Co.

In my selection of best trucking companies in Pennsylvania is Reed trucking Company. This trucking company is on the market for more than 80 years. Reed Trucking Company is offering trucking services 24/7, straight proportionally they offer cost effective trucking services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

During the years Reed Trucking Co. has enlarged their fleet to 52 tractors and 80 trailers. It is a great pride when we can see that there are companies like Reed that are existing in this industry for four generations. Actually this company is building trucking legacy.

Mostly this company is offering its services in the Mid-Atlantic and the northeastern regions of USA. They are performing their services by cross docking with small amounts of freight.

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Not only that the customers of this trucking company are satisfied but also their drivers are enjoying great benefits. Truck drivers in Reed Trucking Co. have competitive salaries and continuous trainings. But that is not everything, their truck drivers can enjoy also:

Seeing this facts, it is clear that their customers are receiving the most reliable and efficient trucking service possible. Reed Trucking Co. performs their duties with full capacity.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

When shipping with Reed Trucking Co. you can be more than sure that the employees of the company can always keep the loads on track. Their dispatchers are available 24/7.

Therefore, choosing Reed is always a good idea.

5.Modern Transportation

Modern Transportation is one of the most unique transportation companies, at the same time it is among the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania. Therefore what makes it so unique is that it transports dangerous materials like benign liquid.

As a leader in bulk material trucking and logistics, this company is providing services both for inbound and outbound supply chains.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

For Modern Transportation Company we can say not only that it is a leader in bulk material trucking and logistics, but since their lanes go through more than 30 states we might say that it is also the biggest in this sector. They are doing the transportation thanks to the:

  • Chemical bulk, and
  • Dry bulk trucks;

As we can see their chemical bulk trucks provide excellence when it comes to transportation and they are developed to improve the industry’s health. Whereas they are transporting dangerous materials it is of great importance to pay more attention than usually to safety.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Modern Transportation is using their dry bulk trucks for hauling sand. This company is one of the biggest sand haulers in USA. Especially because Modern Transportation is transporting dangerous liquids and gases, they have organized special continuous trainings for their truck drivers.

Truck drivers that have gone through these trainings are able to deliver the loads in the most safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way.

Safe and reliable services and solutions are the most important, by importing that into practice, they have managed to build a strong position in this industry.

6.ECM Transport

ECM Transport is a leading regional and multi-regional transportation and logistics company. During its years of work and improvement it succeeded to become one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania.

This company has numerous solutions for almost every industry. If you are looking for a company that is going to offer you flexible transportation for your loads this company is the best choice for you.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

If you are wondering this company has 22 terminal network, also it operates with more than 350 tractors and owns 1300 trailers. This company aims to deliver the loads in the most high quality way possible.

Effective transportation solutions are what they can really offer you as a customer. Usually they are contacting with their customers via invoices and attachments by e-mail and fax.

They thrive towards ultimate safety of drivers, satisfaction of customers and punctuality. ECM Transport Company being a family-based company is exceeding 98% annually. They have achieved to be the first rate service, with dedicated truck drivers that aim to achieve the most professional transportation services.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

All in all ECM Transport Company wants to work for the development of transportation solutions, and to customize it for the needs of customers. So if you are looking for transportation company to transport your load ECM Transport Company might make the perfect match.


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Usually their customers say that once you choose this company you won’t be put in a situation where you will be disappointed and looking for other solution.

7.Keen Transport Inc.

Keen Transport Company is one of the biggest national hauler of heavy logistics . As one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania this company offers transportation services for :

  • Construction loads;
  • Mining loads;
  • Agriculture equipment;

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Moreover, what makes this company special and different from other trucking companies in Pennsylvania is their fleet. They have specialized fleet in heavy hauling that can meet the demands of their customers. Not that this company cares only for their customers but they care the same for their truck drivers.

Keen Transport Company provides their truck drivers with proper trainings, competitive salary, and well equipped trucks.

10 Best Trucking Companies in Pennsylvania

Keen Transport Inc. has facilities all across USA, more precisely in :

  • Arkansas;
  • California;
  • Illinois;
  • North Carolina;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • Texas;
  • Washington;
  • Georgia;

Don’t doubt, if you are considering whether to choose or not to choose this company- do the positive decision and choose it because it will bring you the superior service.

I say it confidently because from my own positive experience I know that this company can meet your needs if you want to transport heavy equipment and other loads.

Another thing to mention is that this trucking company besides providing transportation services it is authorized dealer of Caterpillar. That means that they also offer engine repair, diagnostics, and warranty repairs.



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