10 Easy Ways to Tell Your Drivers You are Installing Vehicle GPS Trackers

Lowering the consumption of fuel is an insane benefit to routing because it reduces wear and tear. Consequently, spending less time on the road means that the drivers have more time to complete a job.

Track Employee Practises

As shown above, vehicle GPS trackers increase the productivity. Having said this, the staff and the drivers will work in a more efficient manner once they know the fleet is monitored.

In addition to this, there are a lot of employees who had questioned whether monitoring employees is legal or not.

Explaining this to your employees, along with the fact that monitoring vehicles is legal, as long as it belongs to the company, they will understand the need for GPS.

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Furthermore, vehicle GPS trackers allow fleet owners to see if drivers waste too much time on specific behaviors. For instance, they are able to see the idling time of the route.

Using data to track these significant factors, definitely increases the employees’ performance and reduces the speed, mileage, and engine on time.

With the vehicle GPS trackers, the fleet owners can see when drivers are wasting too much time idling in one location, take longer than usual to complete a job or go the direct route.

Automate Payroll

Another important role here is the automate payroll to employees with the help of the vehicle GPS trackers.

A fleet system can track the time of starting and shutting down a vehicle in a day. Moreover, they can provide a record of how long an employee has worked during that day.

These are the latest and advanced GPS trackers which provide a reporting functioning as an electronic timesheet.

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Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

There are cases where fleet managers and company owners face unauthorized vehicle use. For this matter, they need to keep track of the vehicle usage.

There is a simple rule that states drivers can use vehicles only when on-duty. According to the vehicle GPS trackers use, they are able to track the usage of the fleet during the specific work hours.


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To put it in a different way, the business owners can set alerts in order to keep track of the driving hours.

To emphasize, this is probably the most efficient way to reduce the liability of drivers once they start using the vehicle.

Explain Your Staff How GPS Improves Earning Potential

Higher compensation for field service employees will improve retention and attract the best talent.

GPS tracking systems will help the construction fleet be more productive and efficient, which ultimately will lead to quicker job completion and increased revenue.

When the business is making money, so are the employees. Having more funds available will allow the company to increase salaries, award bonuses and create incentives for employees.

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Incentive programs are a great way to cut costs and motivate employees at the same time. The GPS tracking system can be used to measure individual driver performance to help monitor the incentive program.

Utilize the GPS tracking system driver scorecard to rank vehicles based on speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, idle time and much more.

By sharing this report’s graphical results with employees, they will have a clear understanding of what areas they need to improve to receive their incentive or reward.

GPS Protects Employees Mostly Against False Claims

A business GPS helps against many factors attacking productivity and safety and one of them is protecting against false claims.

Without a GPS tracking system in place, there is no way to verify or dispute these claims.

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The best GPS tracking tool will protect the employees against false claims by providing detailed and exact location data.

Moreover, the GPS tracking can verify the claim’s legitimacy and defend the employees in specific cases.

These examples actually explain the fact why business should have GPS tracking.

GPS Devices Ease the Driver’s Life

In general, a GPS tracking system is creating a more efficient fleet and a better-organized company.

As a matter of fact, the companies are eliminating the manual processes and concentrate on automatic solutions of vehicle GPS trackers.

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To continue with, there are GPS systems that improve customer service and those easing the work of employees with the following functions:

  • Automatically track billable hours to do away with manual timesheets
  • Send information such as invoices and delivery verifications to the office in real time
  • Decrease the number of phone calls from management and dispatch

As an illustration, the best part about vehicle GPS trackers is that they are eliminating the time-consuming practices of companies while increasing retention.

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A vehicle GPS tracker modernized the operations of the fleet on the road while being advantageous for the business and employees at the same time.

Hiring new employees may harm the company’s productivity and invest in new technology means better allocation.

Change Driver Behavior

GPS trackers are considered powerful tools that manage the fleet in a more effective way by controlling its movements.

In addition, the fleet managers not only have to manage vehicles but the drivers as well. Continually, implementing vehicle GPS trackers is the best way to increase productivity and provide better management.

GPS vehicle tracking provides a powerful tool for managing your vehicles more effectively, helping you control fleet costs and improve productivity.

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The point is, GPS trackers for business can help you in the following:

  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce unnecessary idling
  • Decrease unauthorized vehicle use
  • Control fuel and other operational costs
  • Improve vehicle utilization

Drivers Improve Their Customer Service Through Effective Transport

For the past years, companies have been using vehicle GPS trackers to reduce the expenses. As the years go by, the manufacturers implement new and innovative features.

These features are in fact, the factors that help companies improve and strive for success.

Starting from the long haul trucking companies to the local cab vehicles, the best GPS trackers reduce fuel expenses and extend lifespans.

Drivers Reduce Delivery Times

One of the biggest struggles of transportation companies is to cut the delivery times. As a matter of fact, it is the goal of fleet managers.



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