10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck

These trucks have larger brakes, stronger frames, as well as huge horsepower.

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=
Source: www.nissanusa.com

However, the average towing capacity of 3/4 ton trucks is around 13.000 pounds which make them appropriate for any pulling needs that you might have. 3/4 ton trucks can tow:

  • Regular size trailers;
  • Boats;
  • Furniture;

#Tip: Almost everything that you’ll tow will be above 10,000 pounds. 3/4 ton trucks towing capacity start from 10,000 pounds.

Different Usage Of 3/4 Ton Truck

Can the 3/4 ton trucks be used for some other operations except for towing? Of course, if we put the towing aside, we can see that the 3/4 ton trucks can also operate in:

  • Snow removing service;
  • Gas transportation service;
  • Construction service;


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Snow Removing Service

In the areas where the winter is really strong, besides using the regular vehicles to clean the road, the residents have started using the 3/4 ton trucks; they are using these trucks for snow removal.

In those areas, it is in common for many companies to be using pickups for snow removal too. It is interesting that if you are buying the pickup truck straight from the manufacturer there is an option to request a snow removal gear.

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=
Source: www.gmauthority.com

Silverado 2500 is one of the many 3/4 ton trucks that are being used for snow removal. This pickup model has also an upgraded truck under the name of “Alaskan Edition”, the equipment of this truck edition includes:

  • 20-inch Truck wheels;
  • Snow Plow Prep Package;
  • Roof Light;
  • Spray-in bed liner;
  • Rubber flooring inside;

With its powerful 6.6L V8 turbo diesel engine this 3/4 ton truck can beat every snowy condition by performing the operation extraordinary.


10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=

Just like Ford, Nissan has also its own line of pickup trucks that can operate in snow removal. All of their pickup trucks have winter gear that allows their trucks to be put on the front lines to clear the snowy streets.

In wintertime the citizens of the areas where there is a lot of snow find the 3/4 ton trucks very useful and helpful, they use these truck to clear the snow from the entrance of their houses, their backyards, as well as from the streets.

3/4 Ton Truck Gas Service

3/4 Ton trucks can serve multiple industries; also their presence can be seen in the gas transportation industry. Thereupon, the pickup gas service operations require а more experienced truck driver, because of the complexity of the gas itself.

Truck drivers that are engaged in the gas service operations should be informed that there are strict rules and regulations provided by The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration- FMCSA and Occupational Safety and Health Administration-OSHA.

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=

Therefore if a truck driver wants to operate in that business, he should follow and respect those rules- in order to perform the transportation in a safe way.

Firstly, it is a number one rule that if you have to transport any kind of gas or any hazardous liquid, then you should know that the containers shall be protected from any movement, that is to say from any potential damage.

So if you are transporting gas with your pickup truck- you should be really careful- you should reassure that there are no gas cans sliding, any shovel blades, or any other tool that can cause a serious problem.

It is also important to notify that the maximum of portable fuel cans that a pickup truck is allowed to transport should be of a maximum capacity of 5 gallons. More precisely gas can only be transported in 5-gallon portable gas cans- but only with a limit of 4 cans per 3/4 ton truck.

All trucks manufacturers have versions of 3/4 ton trucks that are modified as service vehicles and one of those vehicles is the 3/4 ton truck specially designed to operate with gas tanks. These kinds of trucks are used for:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Positioning or
  • Gas tank transportation to the required location.

Last but not least: The truck driver that wants to transport gas or any other hazardous material should have obtained CDL License with a Hazardous Materials Endorsement.

3/4 Tow Truck Construction Service

Henceforth, I have mentioned before that the 3/4 ton trucks have specifications that place them in the most used light truck category for almost every industry. Pickup trucks nowadays are being used as a key piece of equipment in most construction companies because they have the following specifications:

  • Powerful engines;
  • 1,500 pounds payload capacity;
  • 17,000 pounds towing capacity;

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=

Being stable on every construction site has led these 3/4 ton trucks to be more than just a vehicle that is used for transportation of essential tools.

People that are involved in the construction service know that a 3/4 ton truck have a significant role as the other construction vehicles. There ain’t a construction company in the USA that can function without a pickup truck.

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=
Source: www.forconstructionpros.com

3/4 ton trucks are construction sites best friends because they can tow everything you need from point A to point B.

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=
Source: www.autoguide.com

Another segment where a 3/4 ton operates is the road service. Thereupon these trucks can be used for towing a vehicle that has been in an accident and needs a transportation to the nearest repair shop.

In that point of view, the 3/4 ton trucks can also help other vehicles with by towing it if those vehicles have been stuck in a mud or laying in a river.

3/4 Ton Truck Comparison

Generally, we can perform the comparison between 3/4 ton trucks in accordance with the engine power of the truck, as well as by the towing capacity.

We can see clearly the US market nowadays there are six 3/4 truck manufacturers. Those 6 most successful  pickup manufacturers that are producing the most quality and durable vehicles are:

Moreover, each manufacturer must follow the rules and regulations which require a vehicle categorization. Thereupon the vehicles can be categorized into 4 categories which comprise:

  • 1/2 ton trucks;
  • 3/4 ton trucks;
  • 1 ton trucks;
  • Over 1 ton trucks;

10 Exclusive Tips To Find Best 3/4 Ton Truck width=

During this year we could witness that the 3/4 ton truck manufacturers have implemented a lot of new improvements in the process of manufacturing. Not to forget the manufacturers in the past year have included design improvements of the truck’s body structure, as well as change of the materials.



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