10 Greatest Ways Trucking Companies Cut Costs

Hence, through route optimization trucking companies can as well calculate regular delivery routes and can track the dynamic route scheduling on a daily basis.

5. Use GPS Mapping

Human element plays the biggest role in load transportation.

Nevertheless, the trucking industry nowadays is getting help thanks to the newest technology innovations.

Among all technology innovations, trucking companies have found truck GPS and trailer GPS to be the most helpful ones.

Thereupon, trucking companies cut costs these days by investing in technology.

Source: www.expressfreightfinance.com

Yet, these investments have shown a huge return rate.

In general, truck and trailer GPS allows trucking company owners, dispatchers as well as customers to have a better insight of the precise location of the truck on a given route.

Straight proportionally to that, they are in the position to make a good time-estimate for deliveries.

Also, if there are any unwanted situations, trucking companies with the help of truck and trailer GPS can communicate critical information with their truck drivers and customers.

So, as you can see truck and trailer GPS helps significantly when trucking companies cut costs.

Fuel Optimizer

Alongside with the GPS mapping systems, trucking companies cut costs with fuel optimizer as well.

The fuel optimizer that was designed and developed by Fueloyal, is helping trucking companies to save up to $300 on a monthly basis. That is to say, thanks to the fuel optimizer, trucking companies can solve their fuel purchase problems.

Source: www.fueloyal.com

It is no secret that the skyrocketing fuel prices have brought the enormous unexpected cost for trucking companies. That is why I highly recommend for trucking companies who want to cut costs to start using the fuel optimizer.

Remember: Fuel prices fluctuate a lot and straight proportionally it is not that easy to predict when the price of the fuel is going to go up or down.

6. Combine Deliveries

Trucking companies cut costs as well by combining deliveries.

In general, trucking companies decide to take this step because they want to avoid wasted delivery space. Combine deliveries have turned out to be especially important on pick-ups.

Trucking companies cut costs by optimizing deliveries continually. More precisely, trucking companies are using a system that is helping them re-optimize their schedules, which later on results into maximizing their efficiency.

Source: www.agt3pl.com

Hence, trucking companies cut cost by combining deliveries because they know that it is the easiest way that they can take in order to reduce costs. In addition, trucking companies by combining deliveries can definitely create significant efficiencies.

7. Cut Miles Traveled

At first sight cutting miles traveled does not seem like the best solution for trucking companies to cut cost, but luckily it has turned out to be pretty much efficient.

Moreover, trucking companies cut costs by decreasing the number of unnecessary trips,


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The previously mentioned solution – GPS tracking, that almost all trucking companies are using to cut costs, is also helping them to cut miles traveled.

Therefore, trucking companies by tracking driver territories, and how truckers are performing the transportation process, can see where they can eliminate the need for physical travel.

Source: www.RoadTraveler.net

By taking advantage of technology trucking companies can be in touch at any time with their truckers – it is one of the ways that trucking companies can eliminate the need for physical travel and to cut costs.

By the same token, telematics are banning excess usage of the truck by truck drivers, because telematics solutions are providing clear insight to trucking company owners.

8. Use Innovative Automotive Technologies

Technologies are changing the U.S. trucking industry, it is inevitable.

More precisely, the newest technology innovations are helping trucking companies cut costs.

In general, innovative minds that are developing innovative automotive technologies are well aware of the role that these technologies play in the overall work of trucking companies.

Source: www.aplusa.se

Innovative automotive technologies are helping trucking company owners to do a better planning, monitoring as well as management of the environmental objectives.

That is to say, technology plays a major role in capturing data and delivering that data directly to trucking company owners as well as truck drivers.

Innovative automotive technologies in the form of Cloud-based solutions combined with mobile applications can help trucking companies in the process of helping both large and small trucking companies.

9. Outsource Certain Tasks and Services

Trucking companies cut costs by outsourcing certain tasks and services. Even the largest trucking companies do that.

The main reason behind trucking companies outsourcing certain tasks and services is the fact that they want to focus on their core competency.

Trucking companies that are outsourcing certain services are the ones that are not letting their business get spread out.

Source: www.leantesting.com

Moreover, trucking companies cut costs through outsourcing their services have busted the myths that customer service suffers when trucking companies are deciding to outsource.

Also trucking companies that are outsourcing services can maintain the same level of control.


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Every now and then, they can gain more control by having on their disponibility additional truckers and equipment.

Nevertheless, trucking companies should remember that the biggest risk that is being associated with fleet outsourcing is finding the right partner for the trucking needs that you have.

10. Improve Safety Procedures

Trucking companies that are ready to improve their safety procedures are the ones that are going to reduce their costs on time.

Owners who decide to invest in safety will experience reducement of the cost of insurance. Also, that way trucking companies can reduce potential workers compensation claims.

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Here are the ways that trucking companies can cut costs:

  • Invest In Quality Equipment- Truck drivers are spending their lives on the road and are dedicating themselves to a different lifestyle, straight proportionally trucking companies should provide them high-quality, reliable and safe trucks and equipment;
  • Hiring A Safety Manager – If you own a large trucking company then hiring a safety manager should be on your list. The duties of safety managers include driver instruction, ensuring compliance with DOT, FMCSA, OSHA and HAZMAT laws, as well as monitoring safety records.
  • Emphasize Routine Inspections – Safety inspections should be part of trucking company’s culture. There are few key points that safety inspection should include. All truck drivers who have passed training are well aware of safety facts and figures.

Trucking companies should have a safety program that is more than the simple phrase that you tell your truck drivers “drive safe”.


To enumerate, more and more trucking companies these days are looking forward to finding effective ways to cut costs. In the situation when trucking company owners want to cut costs they should be sure that the process they are going to start is manageable and will end positively.



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