10 Most Popular Construction Trucks

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All in all, we can see that the motor graders are specially designed to prepare the substrate of the flat earth- most commonly roads. This construction truck can at the same time finish a slope and dig a ditch without any difficulty.

6. Trencher

The trencher is more a piece of construction equipment than it can be considered by a construction truck. Nevertheless, its application to construction company’s activities is huge.

In general, the trencher can be used to dig trenches. Additionally, it this construction equipment can be used for laying pipes and electrical cables. As well as for installing drainage.

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Trenchers do come in various sizes and models. We can find trenchers that can range in size from walk-behind models up to tractor loaders (the one model that finds the most application in the construction industry).

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As mentioned previously, trenchers come in different sizes, and by that different trenchers can be used for different digging implementations.

Source: www.deere.com

If we put our focus on the tractor mount trencher, which is most commonly used in the construction industry, then we can see that it is even the type of trencher that can provide you the best site results.

7. Crusher

Crushers are yet one of the 10 most popular construction trucks.

A crusher is actually a machine designed with a special purpose, which is to turn large rocks into smaller rocks, rock dust or gravel. It all depends on user’s needs.

Thereupon, the process that the crusher is performing is called crushing- it is logical, isn’t it? Well during the crushing process the crusher machine is transferring a force- aided by the mechanical process through the material made of molecules that do bond together.

Source: www.tesab.com

To continue with, I must mention as well that there are crushers that are designed to manage concrete, asphalt, as well as rocks into the shape that the construction company desires.

Generally speaking, the crushers can be classified by the materials as well as size limit of the materials. Additionally, the crushers do help the process of the grinders.

All in all, the crusher has a protection mechanism, which mechanism was developed for the purpose of prevention of any potential equipment damage.

8. Concrete Truck

Concrete trucks are an essential part of Construction Company’s work.

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In fact, the prime purpose of the concrete truck is to transport mostly completely mixed concrete. In addition, the concrete truck is of a great importance within the construction area, this truck is capable of carrying cement, gravel, and sand.

The overall operation process with the concrete truck is pretty much complex. Due to its complexity, the operational process with the concrete truck is followed by numerous rules and regulation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration- OSHA.

Source: www.mixertrucks.com

Moreover, concrete trucks or also known as concrete mixers are equipped with two to more axles. Most commonly concrete trucks can be equipped with five up to six axles. Continually, the concrete truck works with a hydraulic drive power, which includes a high torque backup, driveshaft, oil cooler, as well as elastic hydraulic pump.

It has been shown by The Bureau of Labor Statistics that the safety of construction workers operating with concrete trucks has been enhanced. All that thanks to the new technological advanced that concrete trucks have undergone.

9. Compactor

A compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of material such as waste material or bio mass through compaction. A trash compactor is often used by a home or business to reduce the volume of trash it produces. A baler-wrapper compactor is often used for making compact and wrapped bales in order to improve logistics.

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Normally powered by hydraulics, compactors take many shapes and sizes. In landfill sites, for example, a large tractor (typically a converted front end loader with some variant of a bulldozer blade attached) with spiked steel wheels called a landfill compactor is used to drive over waste deposited by waste collection vehicles.

Source: www.forconstructionpros.com

In construction, there are three main types of compactor: the plate, the “jumping jack” and the road roller.

The roller type compactors are used for compacting crushed rock as the base layer underneath concrete or stone foundations or slabs.

The plate compactor (vibratory rammer) has a large vibrating baseplate and is suited for creating a level grade, while the jumping jack compactor has a smaller foot.

The jumping jack type is mainly used to compact the backfill in narrow trenches for water or gas supply pipes etc. Road rollers may also have vibrating rollers.

10. Articulated Hauler Truck

An articulated hauler, articulated dump truck (ADT), or sometimes a dump hauler, is a very large heavy duty type of dump truck used to transport loads over rough terrain.

The vehicle usually has all-wheel drive and consists of two basic units: the front section, generally called the tractor, and the rear section that contains the dump body, called the hauler or trailer section.


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Steering is made by pivoting the front in relation to the back by hydraulic rams. This way, all wheels follow the same path, making it an excellent off-road vehicle.

Manufacturers include Caterpillar, Terex, John Deere/Bell Equipment, Moxy/Doosan, Volvo CE, and Komatsu Limited. With half of the global sales, Volvo is the market leader in the segment, and is also the prime pioneer of the vehicle, enabling its introduction to the markets in 1966.

Source: www.nmc-corp.com

Articulated haulers excel in hauling material over rough terrain. They are rugged and are built to handle great inclines and slippery conditions. This is their main advantage over rigid haulers, which excel in carrying capacity.

This is also seen in the way they are used. Whereas rigid haulers find their best usage at large surface mines and big quarries, where there are abundant space and hard level surfaces to drive on, articulated haulers are best used at rugged and cramped sites, such as large construction sites.



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