10 Most Popular Construction Trucks

The construction industry is diverse and at the same time a complex one.

In the meanwhile, running a construction company represents a high risk and high cost.  Yet, it remains to be a major contributor to the U.S. economy.

Nowadays, there are more than 650.000 employees working in the construction industry.

On the positive side, the construction industry of today enjoys a wide range of building products, trucks as well as systems. Still, the focus of this article will be the most commonly used construction trucks. Or also known as the most popular construction trucks.

Moreover, the overall construction process of buildings and houses requires a high organization as well as reliable trucks and equipment. It is only the construction companies who have the most reliable and well-maintained trucks who are enjoying a good reputation these days.

Further, in this article, you will have the chance to read and learn more about the 10 most popular construction trucks in the USA!

1. Excavator

In general, excavators due to their high level of adaptability have been placed among the most popular construction trucks.

The main application of excavators can be seen to unusual construction tasks.

Source: www.viequipmentltd.com

In addition, their application can be enhanced, with the aim to perform heavy work in both large and small spaces.

Moreover, excavators are composed of a dipper, boom, cab (or also known as the house) as well as a bucket. The house of the excavator is placed on top of the undercarriage.

Hence, the use of the excavator can be seen in the following construction operations:

  • Material handling;
  • Demolition;
  • Digging of trenches, holes, as well as foundations;
  • Grading and landscaping;
  • Mining;
  • Brush cutting with hydraulic saw;
Source: www.viequipmentltd.com

Yet, it is interesting to know that the excavator as one of the most popular construction trucks is operating differently from other types of cable operated excavators.

So, the work of the excavator can be enabled thanks to the use of the hydraulic fluid, motors, as well as cylinders.


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2. Backhoe Loader

What makes the backhoe loader to be one of the most popular construction trucks is the fact that the loader is actually composed of three pieces of construction equipment into a single unit.

Source: www.catmodels.com

To point out that the backhoe loader has a unique appearance. This truck cannot be compared to other types of construction trucks.

If we get into more details, we can see that the backhoe loader is composed of:

  • Tractor– actually, the tractor is the core structure of the backhoe loader. Yet, the tractor is the core structure of the backhoe loader, because the main purpose of the backhoe tractor is to move easily over all kinds of rough terrains;
  • Loader– the loader is composed of two components, one in the front and the actual backhoe is attached at the back of the tractor. It is important to realize that these two components have different functions;
  • Backhoe– the backhoe is an extremely powerful feature, the main tool of the backhoe loader is to dig up hard, to lift heavy loads, as well as to compact material. The backhoe is composed of three segments: the stick, the bucket, as well as the boom;
Source: www.viequipmentltd.com

In addition, the backhoe loader is pretty much common in a wide variety of construction operations. In addition, this truck can be used as well for digging holes/excavation, landscaping, paving roads and so on.

3. Bulldozers

The bulldozer is definitely one of the most powerful and popular construction trucks. Besides serving the construction industry, bulldozers can be found at mines, roadsides, heavy industry factories, as well as large governmental projects.

Source: www.allwhitebackground.com

In addition, the prime function of the bulldozers is concentrated in earthmoving, ground leveling, as well as in road carving. Since the bulldozers are large, tracked and powerful vehicles, they can give great ground hold as well as mobility.

Moreover, the composition of the bulldozer includes as well “swamp tracks”.

Yet, there ain’t no doubt why bulldozers are one of the most popular construction trucks. Their excellent torque and ground hold simply make the bulldozer to be the ideal truck for construction operations.

Source: www.linkedin.com

Additionally, the bulldozer has as well heavy pushing ability as well as dragging ability. That makes these trucks to be used to clear remains of structures, shrubbery as well as to clear areas of obstacles.

4. Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer loaders are one of the unique construction trucks that can be seen in the construction industry.

Actually, what contributes to the uniqueness of this truck is the fact that its left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of its right side wheels, and vice-versa.

In general, its wheels do not have a separate steering mechanism.

Source: www.deere.com

Hence, skid steer loaders are the perfect trucks for the construction industry because of its extremely rigid frame and strong wheel bearings. This composition enables the skid steer loader away from torsional forces.

Moreover, these trucks due to their composition are highly maneuverable and valuable for applications that do require a compact and agile loader.


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5. Motor- Grader

The motor grader is the construction truck, or better said the construction machine which features a long blade. You might be familiar with this one- since its composition is pretty much complex and unique.

In addition, the long blade that the motor grader features are used to create a flat surface during the grading process.

In general, all motor graders have three axles, cab, and engine. All are situated above the rear axles.

Source: www.komatsuamerica.com

Moreover, the motor grader can even be upgraded with a second blade. The additional blade is most commonly placed in front of the front axle.

Additionally, the motor grader’s implementation in the construction industry is to give the final touch, that is to say- to finish the grade.



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