10 Secret Tips To Know When Buying Step Deck Trailer

1. Do Inspection Of The Trailers’ Floor

My first point concerns doing inspection of the trailers’ floor.

Therefore if you are looking to buy a step desk trailer and to enlarge your fleet, in that case it is crucial for you to pay enormous attention to few important trailer parts.

It would seem logical to do inspection of the trailers’ floor, but not all buyers pay enough attention to this part. It is precisely that way because most of the time the trailer dealers tend to polish the floor, so that if the buyer takes a glimpse it looks like it is new and without any damages.

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 The evidence that I would use to support this tip is the fact that in the past 10 years the trucking industry has improved a lot, and straight proportionally to that the truck and trailer manufacturers have changed their production strategies.

Few decades ago trailer manufacturers were producing the platform of the trailer in a very different way. Back than they were mostly producing the trailers with wood, and some combination of synthetic flooring.

Generally back in the 80’s only around 25%- 30% of the step deck trailers that have been manufactured were made with extruded aluminum.

Subsequently, there has been a significant change in the trailer manufacturers’ process; especially they have changed the materials. It seems to me that it is so due to the customers demand.

Nowadays trucking companies that are operating with step deck trailers tend to buy trailers with aluminum flooring. Don’t you think that the fleet owners are playing smart? Buying the step deck trailer with the lightest weight will allow you to haul anything and anywhere.

But on the negative side, choosing an aluminum step deck trailer can be a good choice but only for a limited period of use. Unfortunately aluminum can bend and crack, and not only that -aluminum is more difficult to repair than wood.

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 Following that the wooden floor step deck trailers have turned out to be more durable, also the wooden trailers are easier to repair if any damage takes place.

Afterwards we can see that the aluminum is a metal which has unchanging physical properties, and therefore the wood can vary dependently by the species.

The purpose of this tip explanation is to point out the difference between the wood trailer flooring and the aluminum trailer flooring.



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