10 Secrets To Know About Dedicated Truck Driving

Through the results that dedicated truck driving has shown so far indicate that this type of truck driving can save time and money to trucking companies, while at the same time providing exceptional services to their customers.

Source: www.truckerslogic.com
Source: www.truckerslogic.com

Since load transportation is a key component in the supply chain and businesses, it shall always undergo optimization by trucking companies.

Dedicated truck driving though is a great way for trucking companies to optimize their transportation. The trucking companies that are providing load transportation can easily reposition their focus to their core business and start providing outsourcing solutions.

Source: www.kuwanna.com
Source: www.kuwanna.com

The trucking industry in the USA has noticed that more than 80% of registered trucking companies are in fact saving time and money through outsourcing some of their supply chain components.

Also, one more reason why dedicated trucking is a good choice for saving time and money is because through this service trucking companies will have a consistent flow of their services, and will have fixed schedule for their truck drivers.

5. Reduce Overhead Costs With Dedicated Truck Driving

Dedicated truck driving is bringing many benefits to all its users, but of course, the best and biggest benefits of this type of trucking go to its providers- the dedicated trucking companies.

Source: www.ccjdigital.com
Source: www.ccjdigital.com

To put it differently, trucking companies by providing dedicated truckload services are reducing their overhead costs. Thanks to dedicated truck driving, the trucking companies have managed to make and find a more strategic approach that leads them to a better align core with their shippers.

In general, most trucking companies that are providing dedicated truckload services tend to use and apply master-planned transportation procurement. But what is this master-planned transportation procurement serving them for?

Source: www.exceliteplas.com
Source: www.exceliteplas.com

The answer to that question is way too simple: The transportation procurement is leveraging the carrier rate; reduces the overhead costs; and is improving the master planning into the bidding process.

But on the other hand, dedicated trucking companies shall be with eyes wide awake all the time, and perform a constant evaluation of the existing dedicated capacity opportunities. Carriage rates do change from time to time, and that is the main reason why the leaders of dedicated trucking companies shall perform a constant evaluation.

6. Dedicated Truck Driving Will Surpass Your Service And Safety Goals

If you are one of those people who is looking for means and ways how to transport your loads, then I would highly recommend you to take into consideration dedicated services.

Source: www.twitter.com
Source: www.twitter.com

Dedicated trucking is a great choice for almost all industries that are looking forward to transporting their loads. Because this type of load transportation so far is surpassing the service and safety expectations that many manufacturing companies have.

Thereupon, this trucking service has got its name thanks to the dedication that companies and truck drivers are showing as well as giving to their loyal customers. Not only that, all trucking companies that are providing dedicated truck driving services have equipped their trucks with cutting-edge technology.

7. Why Are More Companies Looking For Collaboration With Dedicated Carriers?

We can notice that nowadays there are more and more companies/manufacturers that are looking forward to collaboration with dedicated carriers. But, have you ever asked yourself why is that so? Well, it is due to the reliable services that dedicated trucking is providing to its customers.

Thereupon, manufacturers are looking for load transportation services that will prevent gaps in the deliveries. Actually dedicated carriers are providing just-in-time transportation strategy, which makes it the perfect load transportation solution for many manufacturers that are in need of a safe and time-efficient delivery of their products.

Source: www.faatruckandtrailer.com
Source: www.faatruckandtrailer.com

Moreover, dedicated truck driving is also enabling the manufacturers to have a backup support all the time. Which is more important when there are turnovers happening in dedicated trucking, that never affects the customers that have chosen to be using this kind of services.

Manufacturers want service continuity, and dedicated carriers are providing that to them. In fact, dedicated truck drivers have been trained to establish a constant relationship with the shippers; as well as with the consignees.

When you are using dedicated trucking for your needs, you can expect to see the same driver showing day after day, which in fact is a great thing because that way you will have a better communication and you will even improve the service.

All in all, manufacturers are looking for collaboration with dedicated carriers because they want flexibility and real partners!

8. Dedicated Fleets Are Outsourcing Trucking Operations

Also, the activity that dedicated trucking is performing day by day can also be considered somehow as outsourcing. So, as I mentioned in the previous sub-heading the number of manufacturers is increasing on a daily basis, and that is due to the exceptional, flexible and time-efficient services.

So, dedicated fleets are at the same time considered to be outsourcing trucking operations. I will try to explain it briefly.

Source: www.ccjdigital.com
Source: www.ccjdigital.com

Thereupon, it goes like this, there are many manufacturers who are manufacturing large quantities of goods.

So few of these companies have started buying their own trucks because they thought that that way they were going to minimize their expenses. But the final result was not what they were expecting, it was quite the opposite.

Nowadays, almost all manufacturers tend to use outsourcing trucking operations, or better known as dedicated trucking services. The costs of maintaining a private fleet are enormous.

By that dedicated trucking has brought to numerous manufacturers a better opportunity for the transportation process of their goods.

Dedicated trucking is bringing all the advantages to manufacturers; the same advantages that their own fleet would be offering to them.

9. Benefits that Dedicated Truck Drivers Are Enjoying

Becoming a dedicated truck driver is the dream job of many truckers that are part of the trucking industry. That is by virtue of dedicated truck drivers who are enjoying more benefits; for the reason that dedicated truck driving is bringing more benefits than other types of truck driving are.



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