10 Signs Why Americans Are Falling In Love With Local Transportation

Generally speaking, it is so due to two details.

The first detail includes the fact that all local transportation whip hand before the cars and trucks.

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On the other hand, by choosing local transport you will have the freedom to stay on the phone and to finish your work. I would emphasize as well that when you are taking your car, then you will not able to do anything else but drive.

So, all in all, the travel time by public transport is way more productive in train and bus, than in a car.

8. Riding Local Transportation Saves Money

In general, people who are regularly using local transportation are usually saving up to $9.500 per year. It is one of the reasons that leads Americans to fall in love with this type of transportation.

Thereupon, riding local transportation will as well provide families and individuals with an affordable way to cut costs.

Additionally, Americans feel happy to be contributing to the reducement of the overall carbon footprint by using local transportation.

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Moreover, we can see this type of transportation as an affordable one.

Yet, what does an affordable transportation means?

Well, affordable transportation is the transportation method that can provide a reducement of the total travel expenses of people. In fact, by taking local transportation people can reduce their gas and parking bills at first.

Nonetheless, Americans are falling in love with local transportation because of the fact that it leaves them more money for better living arrangements.

9. Local Transportation Leads To Health Benefits

To continue with, one of the reasons why many Americans are falling in love with local transportation is due to the safety and the health benefits that it brings.

In addition, local transportation leads to health benefits.

But, how actually local transportation leads to health benefits? How is that possible?

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Well what makes this fact possible is via:

  • Less air pollution;
  • Increased physical fitness;
  • Fewer traffic crashes;

These three points can reveal us it all. It is no secret that obesity in the USA has more than doubled in the last 10 years. There are even 30% of obese children. Which makes the situation even more alarming. And we all know that obesity has significant adverse health consequences.

On the other hand, local transportation encourages walking, cycling as well as incidental exercise. Which brings health benefits, such as increased physical fitness, improved mental health and improved basic access to medical care and healthy food.

What is more important at this moment is that America has the improved the quality of its public transit service- and all that makes it possible for all people including the ones that come from the rural area to get to their destination point with ease.

10. Americans Are Falling in Love With Hybrid Buses

Hybrid buses are one of the most recent innovations in the local U.S. transportation.

We have all noticed hybrid buses straight ahead by its state of art appearance.

In addition, hybrid buses are part of the sustainable transport schemes.

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Nonetheless, it was the United States Department of Energy that announced that they will spend up to $10 million to develop, test as well as deploy plug-in hybrid electric buses.

In addition, the process of supporting hybrid and electric technologies can contribute in boosting the industrial capacity, by which they will keep batteries prices falling.

The Top 5  Largest U.S. Cities with the Highest Awareness for Green Local Transportation

In this article you had the chance to read and learn more about the 10 signs, that is to say, reasons why Americans are falling in love with local transportation.

So, these facts and figures make it crystal clear that people are increasing their sense of the importance of using local transportation, and moreover to make it greener.


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By having green transportation methods residents can at the same time save money, improve the air quality as well as to reduce the overall dependence on fuel.

Further, you can see which the 5 largest U.S. cities that have implemented green transportation are!

To start with Washington D.C. whose residents are always aiming to use as greener ways to get around as possible. There are no second thoughts that these residents are enjoying plenty of green options- hybrid metro busses are all around. In addition, if you go to Washington D.C. you will notice right away racks of bikes- that people are using it on behalf of the Capital Bikeshare program.

Source: www.living-in-washingtondc.com

To continue with New York City. Driving with a car through New York City is definitely stressful. Luckily NY has a well-developed public transportation system. On the positive side, this mega city has left even space for bikers and walkers- all that thanks to the Pedestrian Resource Center. Besides these two means, there are plenty others that can count it green transportation means.

On the other hand, we have Philadelphia. When we see the fact that Philadelphia is part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority– then we can realize the wide variety of local transportation means that their residents can choose from. Philadelphia has even been ranked as the fourth most walkable city in America.

Speaking of the largest U.S. cities that have implemented green transportation, I must not forget to mention San Francisco. This city is well known for its BART- Bay Area Rapid transit, its cable cars, as well as hybrid buses.

Amongst the greener largest U.S. cities we can find Ithaca. This city is located in the middle of the Tompkins County bus network, which makes it a lot easier for its residents to use it and by that to reduce the pollution caused by cars.


All in all, there are many reasons why Americans are falling in love with their local transportation. Starting up with the advanced technological improvements in this sector, continuing with the hybrid and electric buses, we can see that the local transportation in the U.S. has a bright future. And straight proportionally Americans will get to enjoy a healthier environment.



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