10 Things To Check When Buying Trucker T-Shirt 7

10 Things To Check When Buying Cheap Trucker T-Shirt

First, you can put a good trucker t-shirt with short sleeves and then a trucker t-shirt that is thicker and fuzzier. In this way, you will warm your body easier because the warm air in between the layers can’t leak out easily like if you wear just one t-shirt.

8. Avoid Driving Without T-Shirt During Summer

Summer temperatures are going too high and our skin and body can’t handle those temperatures. Your trucker t-shirt is your protective layer between the sun and your skin. If you choose not to wear a t-shirt your skin will be exposed directly to the sun.

10 Things To Check When Buying Trucker T-ShirtSource: www.i45truckaccidents.com

I mentioned that in the high temperature is recommended to wear a very light t-shirt with long sleeves to protect your skin of sunburns.

At the end the trucker t-shirt will absorb the sweat from your body and stop it from sticking on the seat and in that way will protect the truck seat from bacteria.  Having a bacteria free environment is one way of protecting your body from unnecessary healthy attack.

9. Always Have Few Extra Trucker T-Shirts

When you are in the semi truck a few extra trucker t-shirts will always be welcome. Your clothes are your representative in front of the clients. You always need to have a fresh and clean look when you are loading or unloading. You need to look presentable in front of the clients.

10 Things To Check When Buying Trucker T-ShirtSource: www.trinityceramic.com

Few extra t-shirts can save you from bad impression even if you didn’t have enough time to stop at a truck stop to do a washing. However, your t-shirts will not take a lot of space because they are light and not puffy as a winter jacket.


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10. Wear Light Colors

Especially in the summer the light colored trucker t-shirt will reject the sunlight and will make your skin cooler. As a truck driver, you are not only inside the truck you are also out exposed directly to the sun when you are loading and unloading the truck or when you are controlling the process of loading.

Important is to avoid every single factor that can make you sweat more.


Trucker T-shirt is a comfortable and affordable way to look sharp and presentable in front of the clients and still have a pleasant feeling on your skin. Having a high quality trucker t-shirts in your cabin is a way to provide a comfortable ride.

Choosing the right trucker t-shirt fabric is the top priority. You can choose the right fit or the right length but if you fail to choose the right fabric than you’ll fail everything. The t-shirt fabric is the factor how much sweat will be absorbed from the skin.

The trucker t-shirt fabric needs to be breathable to allow the sweat to evaporate from the body. While you are driving you need to be comfortable in your skin and the way to make that possible is to find a high quality trucker t-shirt.



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