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10 Things To Check When Buying Cheap Trucker T-Shirt

While you are driving, it is important to wear a trucker t-shirt that feels nice and makes the driving more comfortable. The trucker t-shirt should be carefully chosen because every material and shape affects your body differently.


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As a truck driver, you are taking care of your truck to be in perfect condition so the truck will take care of the load and take you where ever you want to go. The clothing that you are wearing is your personal drivers’ equipment.

As I mentioned in my previous article the driving shoes can save your feet if you find a proper one and the trucker t-shirt can make you feel comfortable and more energetic and here I will give you few tips how to find the best trucker T-Shirt to pull the best of you and become a super truck driver.

1. Buy Trucker T-Shirts Made Of Natural Fabrics Only

All of us have noticed that some fabrics have the more pleasant feeling on our skin than others. Using 100 % natural fabrics have a lot of advantages than wearing a trucker t-shirt that is made of synthetic materials. When you are at the store please before you open your wallet inspect the material that the trucker t-shirt is made from.

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It can feel pleasant on your hands but can be made of synthetic materials that can make you itchy or even to cause an allergy that can be very annoying. A trucker t-shirt needs to be made of 100% natural fabrics and the best natural t-shirt fabric is cotton.

High quality cotton trucker t-shirt will be more:

  • Breathable
  • Insulating
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic

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Characteristics of the cotton trucker t-shirt:

Trucker T-Shirt made of 100% cotton absorbs the moisture better but it is wrinkling easy and it shrinks with the every washing.

Trucker T-Shirt made of cotton and polyester is breathable and comfortable but it has a shiny appearance.

Trucker T-Shirt made of cotton and spandex is a good choice because the cotton keeps the positive characteristics while having more resistance on shrinking and wrinkling.

2. Try It Before You Buy It

Why is it always good to try your trucker t-shirt before you buy it? In the first impression might look that will be a perfect fit but I advise you to check the how it fit on your shoulders before you pull the greens from your wallet.

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With trying, you will see how it feels on your skin and how it covers your body. We all have specific body construction and sometimes the t-shirt that fits perfect on the manikin with the same proportion as you, could not be good feet on your body.

3. Buy The Size of The Trucker T-Shirt That Fits You Good

Finding the right trucker t-shirt size is important as finding the right trucker t-shirt fabric. There a few things that you need to check to hit the right fit for you. Choosing the trucker t-shirt should be a wise and carefully made choice.

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  • Check the Length – The bottom of the trucker t-shirt does not need to be higher than your hips or better it should be few inches below.
  • Check the Size/Tightness – A trucker t-shirt shouldn’t be too baggy and not too tight. If your trucker t-shirt is too tight your movements can be limited and if it is too baggy may interfere with your driving.
  • Check the Sleeves – The trucker sleeves need to line up directly over the edge of your shoulders and need to be around your arms comfortably, not too tight and not to lose.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

4. Don’t Buy Fabrics That Will Make You Hot

  • Silk
  • Rayon/ Viscose
  • Polyester/Polyester Blend
  • Nylon

Comfort is the key while you are behind the steering wheel and the fabrics I listed above cannot provide your skin the comfort that you need especially during the summer days.

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These materials are not breathable which means that they will reduce the evaporation and make you hotter than you’d be if you wear a natural fabric. Discomfort and irritation is the last things that you need while you drive on the open road.

If you are not comfortable you can easily be distracted and break the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations than can lead to penalty and bad safety rating.

5. Search Online To Get Special Prices

Searching online is a good way to find a good quality trucker t-shirt and by buying it online you’ll get a discount. Many of the trucker t-shirt stores are offering special prices if you buy a trucker t-shirt online. But buying online can be tricky if you are not paying attention to the sizes they are having.

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Every manufacturer has own way of production and sizing but a good shop will provide you with an accurate size chart to ensure that what you order will fit perfectly on you.

Additional advice:

Always check the reviews because if there is something wrong with the size you’ll see in the comments section and will know on what to pay attention.

6. Long Or Short Sleeves?

You probably thinking of course long if it is winter and logically short if it is summer and you are right. But there is one practical advice from the experienced truck drivers which is ”always wear a light cotton trucker t-shirt with long sleeves during the extreme temperatures.

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When the sun is strong there is a chance that your skin will be easily burned. The sun can reach you through the windows causing you a high level of sunburns. I know that you are not on a beach but being exposed 7 hours on the strong sun by the window, can be even nearly the same as 1 hour of direct exposure.

7. What Is the Best Trucker T-Shirt During Winter?

The best trucker t-shirt for low temperatures is a t-shirt with long sleeves and thicker material. The best winter trucker t-shirt needs to be fuzzy and thick and made of natural material that will let your skin breathe.

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Cotton and wool are the best materials for winter trucker t-shirt. These materials will warm your body even on the coldest winter nights. Another trick for surviving during winter is to put few layers of clothing.



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