25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company

1. LTI Trucking Services – This trucking company is ranked in one of the most pet-friendly trucking companies. More than 40% of their drivers are driving with a pet companion.
2. Roehl Transport – As a starting trucking company you can learn a lot from Roehl Transport when it comes to the truck policies. This company has a signature for a pet-friendly trucking company and on the social media, they regularly post stories and adventures about their truck drivers and their traveling pet companions.


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3. Interstate Distributor – What is interesting about this trucking company is that is the ONLY company that allows you to take 2 pets on your hauls. Clever right?
4. Knight Transportation – pet-friendly trucking company
5. J.B. Hunt is also one successful trucking company that is pet-friendly

24. Have a Coffee Space

Having a coffee space in your trucking office will give your employees space where they can relax and free their mind for a short time. Also, it will be a place where your people will talk and get closer to each other. Coffee space is good for relaxation and because of that is will cause higher efficiency which will provide more satisfied customers.

25. Reward your Employees

Happy employees’ happy company! Especially when starting trucking company important is to take care of your staff. If you appreciate their effort they will try to be the best they can.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
Source: www.inc.com

When they do their job perfect it is time to reward them. Rewarding your employees gives:

  • Motivation – Rewarding your employees for doing a good job will encourage them to continue with the good work. When they feel appreciated they will work harder aiming to the next reward.
  • Loyalty – especially when you starting trucking company you need loyal people that will stand by your side no matter what. Giving them bonuses when they are efficient with their work will make them appreciate you as a person that keep a close contact with them and knows what they are doing for your trucking company. With loyal people that appreciate you as a person, you will run many miles.


This is a long list of what you need when starting trucking company. I am sure that many of you reading this article thought of few additional things that are important when starting trucking company. Share your ideas and together we will make the job easier for the person that wants to start with swimming in this business.



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