25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company

  • You will need a plenty of space since you are working with big rigs that need to be parked and you also need an additional parking space for your employees and your clients too.
  • Another thing that you need to have in mind when you are starting trucking company is the accessibility of the office location. With location around highways, you will always have easy access. The truck drivers will be able to avoid the traffic jam which entails no downtime for the trucks.

3. Hire The Best Truck Drivers In USA When Starting Trucking Company

You are starting trucking company then start with hiring the best truck drivers in the USA. The truck drivers are the backbone of one trucking company. They are your representatives in front of the clients but most important their driving performance will be inspected and validate for the company safety report.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Basically, their actions are the reflection of your company safety rating. Truck drivers with good safety knowledge and capability to honor and respect the federal regulations are the asset for you. Find the best of the best and make the mirror reflection attractive for the clients.

4. Find The Best Truck Dispatchers

I always like to say that in one trucking company everything starts and ends with the dispatchers. They are the center of the trucking system and everything is spinning around them.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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The dispatchers are communicating with you, with the drivers, with the freight brokers or with the shippers. They:

  • Make sure to give the best route for the drivers
  • Have personal connection with the brokers
  • Think in advance to connect the loads
  • Know the driving habits
  • Assist the truck drivers in every moment
  • Are available to the brokers all the time
  • Are dealing with drivers and the clients at the same time making the both sides happy

Finding great dispatchers when you are staring trucking company is a reason to have the peace of your mind. Let them do the magic.

5. Have Friends Among Freight Brokers

When starting trucking company might be difficult to have friends among freight brokers but the good thing is that you may not have friends there but… you also don’t have enemies either. This might sound like the glass is half empty or half full but trust me it is never too late to develop a good relationship with a freight broker.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Just keep in mind these few things and you will have a lot friend among them:

  • Be clear with your requirements
  • Respect them
  • Don’t ever try to waste their time
  • Negotiate but respect

Do this and you will earn the respect of any freight broker who will be willing to help your trucking business develop and grow.

6. Follow The Rules And Regulations

It doesn’t matter if you are in this business for 20 years or from yesterday the rule is ALWAYS FOLLOW ALL OF THE FEDERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS! Everything that is connected with your trucking company makes sure that is followed.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Some things depend on you and other things from your truck drivers but keep everything close to you and if needed react on time. My advice is to put the federal and the state regulations on your hiring policy so the candidates will be separated on the drivers that have a great driving record.

7. Use Route Optimizer To Save Money

The route optimizer is a great way to get into the business when you starting trucking company. It will help you to save money on fuel choosing short routes and many other things.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Here are few benefits:

  • It will provide to the truck drivers shorter routes which will save them time and fuel
  • Getting stuck in a traffic jam will be history
  • The drivers will get real-time information about the traffic and the weather conditions which will give them a chance to choose optional route
  • It will reduce toll expenses and truck scales

8. Use Fuel Cards

Why should I use fuel cards when I am staring trucking company? Well basically with the fuel cards you will have more control over the spending and you will be sure that is used only for fuel which is not a case for the credit cards where the spending are wider.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Use Fuel Cards to get:

  • Filtered data
  • Protection from unnecessary spending

9. Protect Your Trucking Company From Diesel Fuel Theft

  • The driver will pay for the fuel but he will fuel another truck
  • Will siphon the fuel and sell it later
  • Will pay for fuel but he will not fuel the truck but instead, he will take money

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
Source: www.transpoco.com

When starting trucking company every dollar counts so be sure that you are doing everything in your power to protect the biggest expense which is the fuel. And everything is already in the market you just need to choose and you have 100% control over the fueling. You can use:

10. Operate With Both LTL And FTL Freight

Most of the trucking companies are operating with Full Truckload (FTL) but when it comes to profit don’t forget the Less Than Truckload Freight (LTL).

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
Source: www.newyorklongdistancemovers.com

Here is the reason why you need this:

  • LTL Freight will make you more money per mile
  • Most of the trucking companies that operate LTL freight working directly with the clients which is way more profitable than going with the middle man. This is great for your business because you are making a personal contact and you are rewarded with the chance to develop a long-term relationship with those companies
  • When it comes to Dry Van Loads, Less Than Load will make you 20% more money
  • You will have a chance to work with a lot of clients and make a connection

11. Be Careful With The Legal Documents

When you starting trucking company you will have million of tasks and sometimes that may force you to sign a document without being extra careful. Don’t do this! Really don’t even if you are in a hurry and you are required to sign that document to make something going forward.

25 Secrets To Know When Starting Trucking Company
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Doesn’t matter if it is a contract for:


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