All You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job

All Secrets You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job

Most lorry drivers are employed as over the road drivers (OTR) which mean that the lorry driver needs to transport freight over long distances. From point A the pickup place to the point B delivery place. The lorry driver career is ideal for people who don’t want to be stacked in one office all day and people who have hungry blood for adventures.


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The lorry driver is the important part for the US economy because they transport the raw materials from the source to the processor, from the processor to the manufacturer and then to the retail and distribution centers.

Without lorry drivers, the world would stop because we wouldn’t be able to get the product we need in the everyday life.

Job Obligations

What do you need to know before you dare to become a lorry driver? Being an OTR Lorry driver in not easy at all because you need to open your eyes while you driving in your cabin and while you are delivering the loads taking care of the freight and the documents that need to be fulfilled properly.

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Here is the list of duties and functions of one lorry driver:

  • Driving and operating different types of trucks
  • Transporting goods for long distances
  • Planning of the route with help of route optimizer
  • Preparing the necessary documents for the freight
  • Ability of proper Pre-trip vehicle inspection
  • Reporting mechanical problems
  • Basic truck repair skills for maintaining the truck in proper shape
  • Loading and unloading the cargo
  • On time delivery to the consignee
  • Filing and taking signatures on the delivery papers
  • Checking on the shipping papers
  • Securing the load by the safety requirements
  • Following the safety regulations for transporting hazardous loads
  • Maintaining Log books
  • Communication with dispatchers
  • Required IT knowledge
  • Respecting traffic laws
  • Skills for driving forklifts

Requirements to Become Lorry Driver

Now you know what would be expected from you and if you still want to get involved in this career than I am here to give you some guidance.

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The requirements to become a lorry driver are:

  • Get a CDL training
  • Clean Medical Exam
  • Get a Commercial Driver License
  • Pass an Air Brake Test (the truck have airbrake system and you need to pass this CDL test to drive a vehicle with air brakes)
  • Get proper endorsements (every type of truck or freight could need different endorsements)
  • Excellent driving record
  • High-level communication skills
  • At least 21 years if you want to drive interstate

Types of Employment

There are 3 types of lorry driver employment:

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