How To Get Company Sponsored CDL Training

How To Get Free Company Sponsored CDL Training

We have all seen on TV, or heard on the radio, the advertisements for company sponsored CDL training. So, what exactly is meant by ‘company sponsored CDL training’?

Well, ‘company sponsored’ simply means a trucking company will pick up the cost associated with getting your license and learning how to operate a commercial vehicle.

In order to operate a commercial vehicle you will need a CDL, commercial driver’s license.

So basically, they are promising to train you, license you, and hire you! Provided you meet all the CDL requirements and pass the entire test with good enough scores. In order to get you to join their team they will say things like:

  • No previous driving experience necessary!
  • No out of pocket expenses, company provided training!
  • Become a driver for (insert company name here)!
  • Act now, because driving school classes are filling up fast!

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But just how true is that? Can you really get company sponsored CDL training? Well yes and no. Most don’t require any previous commercial driving experience. But there are other factors to consider.



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