Truck Antenna: Awesome Part Of Truck Equipment

The truck antenna is an important part of one heavy truck duties. The CB communication and broadcast is regulated by United States the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It is used for two-way communication while the trucks are on the open road. The quality of the truck antenna will determine the frequency range that you will get on your CB radio.


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Maybe the antenna can’t be compared with the importance of the Truck Battery, Truck Tires, Truck Radiator, but it should be ranked bellow these parts. You can be best on CB talking but without the antenna, there is not CB radio and without CB radio there is not CB communication which I feel an obligation to say that it can be life-saving.

Choose Suitable Type of Truck Antenna

There are so many types of truck antennas and choosing one can be very challenging. Frankly, when I get to the truck store to buy some part that I need I am ending staring at 20 different types of that part.

The dilemma which one to choose is always killing me and waste a lot of my energy and time. Then I am starting a conversation with the manager at that store to get a wider picture and waist, even more, time because he is sharing a lot more information that sometimes can be really confusing.

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That is why guys I will share some short information about what to pay attention when you are buying a truck antenna and how to choose the right one for you.

There are few types of truck antennas with different specifications that can determine the buying options.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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  • Whip Truck Antenna

The whip truck antenna is the best effective one on the market and can provide a wide range of more than 10 miles. The whip antenna is avoided because the length and by that I mean that it is inconveniently long so most of the truck drivers are looking for a changeable solution.

  • Fiberglass Antenna

The fiberglass truck antenna is providing a range of two to six miles. It can give you a range of two to seven miles. It is a very long-lasting and for that is good choices but however the small range makes them considerable for long rides.

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  • Center Loaded Truck Antenna

This truck antenna is most used for class 8 trucks and is known as the trucker antenna. The center loaded antennas cover 7 to 10 miles range. Honestly, they are a great choice for semi trucks when it comes to the range. When we are talking about the price $60 for a piece to get low duration antenna is too expensive.

  • Magnet Mount Truck Antenna

This antenna will give you range between three to seven miles. The magnetic base of the truck antenna is stuck to the surface of the truck. It needs to be mounted high and sometimes that can be a problem because the high speed of the truck can cause disconnection of the magnet from the surface of the truck.

  • No-Ground Plane (NGP) Antenna

This type of truck antenna is used if the vehicle has no metal chassis and no need of grounding. It gives not good frequency range and because of that, it is not used for semi trucks. However, you should now the existence of this type of truck antenna.

Consider the Mounting Location

Truck antennas can be mounted in few different places of the truck such as The hood, the mirrors, the roof of the truck or on the bumpers. Every location has advantages and disadvantages on the range.

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To take the best performance of your truck antenna there are some things you should practice:

  • Mount the antenna as higher you can. In that way, you will get good signal and wider range
  • The antenna coil need to be above the truck roof line (I will give you more information of the coil in the next subsections)
  • More than half of the truck antenna needs to be above the roof of the truck
  • IMPORTANT is to ground the truck antenna very good to the chassis of the truck
  • Mont the single antenna near the center of the truck to get better performance and effective transmitting and receiving
  • As long as the truck antenna is, the better performance you’ll get. I mentioned before that the length can be an obstacle in some cases but there is a solution for that too. Remove the antenna when you are passing through some critical field and put it back. Or even better use some replacement in between so you’ll stay in communication until you pass that critical part.

Choose the Best Antenna Mount

Truck antenna mount has an important role in the antenna performance. It should fix and support the truck antenna really good. Let’s say you choose 5′ long truck antenna you fix it with a magnet mount. What happens now … you will start the trip and with every speeding, the magnet will get loose and loose and at some point, it might be unattached totally from the truck surface.

Selecting a truck antenna should be a carefully made choice that will provide high performance. Make sure the chosen mount will provide adequate support and security of the antenna.

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These are some of the mounting options:

  • Permanent Hole Mounts: Drill the roof in the place you prefer, mount the truck antenna and you are done
  • Thick Surface Mounts: Similar as the permanent hole mounts but the drilling need to be performed in some required thickness
  • Magnetic Mount: This mount is easy to install just place it on the top and you are good to go. But as I mentioned before you need to be careful with the driving speed with these magnetic mounts because there is a chance the truck antenna to be loosed
  • The Trunk Lip Mount: these mounts use hidden screws to fix the truck antenna
  • Universal Lip Mounts: Clean look no drilling
  • Mirror Bracket Mount: the truck antenna is fixed to the tubular shaped metal
  • L bracket Mount: Bracket as L shape is used to mount the antenna in the needed place

Select the Right Coil Antenna

The separation of the antenna by the coil is the location where the truck antenna is wound in a coil. By the position of the coil, the truck antenna is grouped into 3 categories.

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Because the optimal length 102’’ of one truck antenna is too long and not practical the manufacturers found a way to reduce the length by wounding the antenna. Although the efficiency of antenna with coil solution is lower than actual not coiled straight antenna but however the coil truck antenna is better than the strait short antenna.



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