Learn 50 Most Important Trucker Codes

Learn 50 Most Important Trucker Codes

I had intended for this article to be the 50 most common trucker codes. Well, I went a lot longer than that! There are so many trucking codes out there, some are more common trucker codes than others, while many have become outdated, yet there are still drivers who still use them.


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But why use trucker codes? Not why do truckers use out dated trucker codes; that could be out of habit. But why use trucker codes at all. After all we all know that if it is to conceal what they are doing by using a trucker codes, the police will figure it out. If drivers are trying to outsmart their dispatchers by using trucker codes, they too will figure out the trucker codes; after all dispatchers too have few tricks and hints under their belt. They were not born yesterday!

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Though there might be some truth in not wanting to tell the world what they are doing, that isn’t the full reason why trucker codes are used. It is a particular form of slang used by Citizens Band Radio (CB). Some might call it the anti-language which was developed out of the 1970’s and early 80’s. It is also used to keep conversations short, or to be easily understood.



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