Learn All About Fuel Truck

Ultimate Guide: Learn All About Fuel Truck

There are a lot of different types of Semi Trucks that are specialized for transporting specific type of cargo and they all have specific requirements but the fuel truck is only one of the class 8 trucks that is specialized and designed for transporting liquids.


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All of other Class 8 trucks such as Dry Van, Flatbed Truck, Tow Truck are transporting dry goods.

  • Machines
  • Metal Parts
  • Palletized Packages
  • Damaged Vehicles …

The fuel truck is for hauling fuel to the gas stations but other trucks with similar design are hauling other liquids such as:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Juices
  • Industrial chemicals

What is Fuel Truck

Tractor part with attached fuel tank is called fuel truck. Since the tank trailer is the part that is having the fuel but it has not front wheels, it needs to be connected to the tractor part to be movable. These both parts are making fuel truck.

  • The tractor part and
  • The trailer with the fuel tank

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This type of truck is specialized to move fuel from the place of preparation to the place where it needs to be sold. To do that requires special driving skills from the truck driver. The stability of the fuel truck needs to be maintained in highest level because the fuel can be very unstable when the fuel truck is performing movements.



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