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In today article we are going to speak about 10-4 trucking codes and their importance. Life of a trucker is a more than driving and more than a job it is a venture across the US. Truck Drivers are modern cowboys, hardcore guys that are making the humanity what it is today. They own the highway they are sheriffs of the road.


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Truck drivers are also the experts in many fields like:

  • Maintains of the truck
  • Road safety regulations
  • Pre trip Truck inspections

As every living thing is evolving in the planet the trucker’s way of driving and communication also evolve. At the beginning, there was not CB radio for communication. With the first CB radio, the way of communication take a new path and take important place in the truck driver life.

10-4 trucking codes now are the way of everyday communication. Way to communicate with other truck drivers either you need an advice or just information.

Beginnings of 10-4 Trucking Codes

CB Radio (citizens band radio) was used as one of the few personal radio services in the US that were regulated by Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In 1945 was used for personal and business communication.

When the trucking codes were born? In 1973 where the oil crisis takes a swing with fuel shortage across the United States CB radio was especially used by truck drivers to find a supplied fuel station. The CB radio was used not only for fuel purpose it takes an important part of the truck drivers communication for mutual road support.

10-4 Trucking Codes
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The truck drivers to cut the time on air transmission developed their own slang. To avoid explanation they start using shortcuts like 10-4 Trucking Codes to point the intention.

The CB radio becomes a part of the truckers’ way to avoid speed traps, convoys, and blockades. It was a tool that blended all truckers in one big family. There is one interesting fact where one truck driver succeeds to coordinate hundreds of trucks in the Pennsylvania area with his CB radio that were in the highway blockage.

One of the trucker urban legends is J.W. Edwards and his radio name River Rat will be remembered as one of the CB radio stories that will be passed generation to generation from a truck driver to the next generation of truck drivers.

10-4 Trucking Codes
Source: www.thorenson.com

Movie industry was also noticed the importance of the CB radio and the truckers slang so start filming trucker movies and shows to point the specific live of the truck drivers:

  • Convoy released 1978 (movie)
  • Smokey in the 1977 (movie)
  • Bandit in 1975 (movie)
  • The Dukes of Hazzard released 1979 (television series)
  • Movin 1974 (television series)

With release of the first movie about the truck drivers way of living and way of talking populations was mesmerized.

The importance of the 10-4 Trucking Codes

If you are preparing your CDL test it is time to get familiar with the 10-4 trucking codes. It is important to understand their importance and why the truck drivers developed this special language.


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Being a truck driver is not just taking the steering wheel in your hands it is also a way of helping other truck drivers. 10-4 trucking codes are marked as a special segment of the trucking history. Since the truck drivers are spending their lifetime on the roads they found a better way of mutual communication and learned the power of the 10-4 trucking codes; how to use them and how to increase the productivity of the limited air time.

10-4 Trucking Codes
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The truck drivers are passing by other truck drivers all the time. They have knowledge of the things that are happening on the road from the side they are coming from. So using trucking codes to spare time on the channel air transmission is the most efficient way to pass a message to the truck driver who is driving to your previous direction.

Because the limited signal range you need to remember that you have a brief time to tell the other truck drivers what is going on in front of them.  Be a pal and use 10-4 trucking codes to pass the information. Every moment is important; don’t waste radio frequency talking nonsense.

10-4 Trucking Codes
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Use the time to send advice and important information like:

  • Convoys
  • Traffic
  • Road blockades
  • Weather
  • Emergency vehicles

These basic rules for shortening your sentences will shorten the air transmission and help you to share an experience with your body on the road. The 10-4 trucking codes will make you Radio Flash man, learn them and earn your truckers power.

How to speak CB-ese 10-4

Talking with other truck drivers is a necessary thing when you rolling the wheels. It does not matter if the reason is just a small talk to share a thought or important information with emergency use you need to learn to speak CB-ese 10-4 trucking codes.

Every trucker should learn the 10-4 trucking codes:

10-1 Receiving badly 10-32 I’ll give you a radio check
10-2 Receiving good 10-33 Unfortunate incident on the road, need help
10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-34 Trouble at this station (need of help)
10-4 Ok, Affirmative 10-35 Sensitive Information
10-5 Pass on the Message 10-36 Request for correct time
10-6 Busy 10-38 Need of ambulance at swift yard
10-7 Out of service 10-39 Your message delivered
10-8 In Service 10-41 Please Choose the channel …
10-9 Repeat the information 10-42 Traffic accident at …
10-10 Transmission Completed (a CB operator will no longer broadcasting, but will listen the conversation) 10-43 Traffic jam at …
10-11 Talking too fast 10-44 I have a news for you
10-12 Visitor is present 10-45 All units in the area please report
10-13 Advise for the road conditions or the road and the weather 10-50 A break Channel
10-14 Convoy detail 10-65 I am waiting your next assignment
10-16 Make Pickup at … 10-67 All units to comply
10-17 Urgent Business 10-70 There is a fire at Truck Stop
10-18 Something for us yet? 10-73 There is Speed Trap at
10-19 Return to base now, there is nothing for you 10-75 Causing interference
10-20 Commonly used just as 20 and it means What’s your Location or My location is … 10-77 Negative Contact
10-21 Contact  me by telephone 10-84 My telephone number is …
10-22 Report in Person to … 10-85 My address is …
10-23 Standby 10-91 Talk closer to the Microphone
10-24 Last assignment is completed 10-92 Your transmitter is out of adjustment
10-25 Can you communicate 10-93 Check my channel frequency on …
10-26 Ignore/cancel the last Information 10-94 Please give me a long count
10-27 I am proceeding to Channel … (You are using this code when you want talk alone not on channel 20) 10-95 Transmit dead carrier for 5 sec.
10-28 Point your station 10-99 Unit is secure
10-29 It is time for contact 10-100 Break for bathroom
10-30 Does not conform to FCC rules and regulations 10-200 Need of police

How to use 10-4 Trucking Codes

Now when you know the importance of the 10-4 Trucking Codes you should start to practice them in the real world. Don’t be scared if you make a mistake; in fact, be happy when you misuse some code because that will be your lesson next time when to use the correct 10-4 Trucking Codes for some situation.

10-4 Trucking Codes
Source: www.rcgauto.com

Don’t worry in time, you will learn which code is suitable for which situation, more important is to understand that the time on the air is LIMITED. You do not have a lot of time to pass information to the truck drivers nearby, use the limited range properly.

  • Be effective when you taking air channel time
  • Be causes and use the channel wisely and responsible for letting other truck drivers to share advice
  • Listen well before you say something
  • Respect other truck drivers when they talk
  • Be polite
  • Don’t interrupt unless it is emergency situation
  • Minimize the SLANG. For this, I need to say little more because if you learned the trucker language including 10-4 Trucking Codes it does not mean that you need to stop using regular words. Use the slang in between the regular words to sound more understandable.


If you are rookie truck driver listen very carefully what the experience truck drivers are telling you. They are first line soldiers when it comes to 10-4 Trucking Codes and they are the correct source for the wisdom you need.



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