10 Secret Tips To Select Best Truck Seats

Being a truck driver means that you need to be sharp every second and to do that you need to find the best truck seat among many truck seats that marker offers you.

The mechanic parts are important for the performance of your truck but the truck seats are important for the performance of every truck driver.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has Safety Standard 207 for the seating system to minimize the possibility of seat failures connected with the seat and the seatbelt mounts. That much the truck seats are important for the security and performance of the truck.

Driving 8 hours a day is more than training. Your body can not be trained and programmed to ignore the pain that the truck seat is causing on you.

Not proper truck seats can be a reason for chronic fatigue and physical exhaustion that can entail low driving performance.

According the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) 13% of the road crushes are caused by fatigue truck drivers.

Truck Seats Trough History

The trucking industry trough the history has changed its look in total. Starting with the

The same is with the truck seats. First seats were made up from wood and the comfort was very low. Together with the wooden tires and the bad roads, the transport was not a pleasant one. Today truck seats are light years away from the first ones.

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Investing on quality truck seats can be a bit expensive compared with conventional truck seats but they do last longer compared with conventional seats.

First, the truck seats evolved with the installation of the steel elliptical springs so the road shock was more softened.

The Newer generation of truck seats are the air-suspended seats that had the first wing in the 1970and 1980s where the steel spring where replaced with the air suspended seats. Now the trucks are using the primal truck suspension together with the cab and the truck seats suspension.

1. Buy Truck Seats from Reliable Manufacturers

We take a look at the beginnings on the truck seats and now I want to mention that when you buy a truck seat you need to have in mind that not every manufacturer has the same level of quality.

Some manufacturers also evolved and jump on the higher level of truck seats manufacturing with using new improved technology and high-quality materials.

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The high-quality truck seats will have the first performances for very long time. The first grade of quality will be maintained for a long time because as I mentioned the materials that are used for production are high-quality ones which entail lower seat deformation and long-term high performance.

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The price that you will pay for the quality truck seats will be lower than the low and cheap seats considering the using period together with the performance effect.

  • Bose Ride Truck Seat

This type of truck seats have higher performance and are the highest ranked ones in the United States.

The Bose truck seats are the most respected truck seat in the United States. The price is higher 3-4 times than other high-quality truck seats but the shocking level is reduced significantly which give better driving performance and body fixation.

  • The seat cushion has 3 different positions<
  • Adjustable seat controls
  • High-quality material

2. The Truck Seats Must Have Few Adjustable Driving Positions

Every truck driver has its own driving position and to find the best suitable position it need to have as many as possible to hit the best one. If you can adjust the truck seat in the best position for you that means that your body will not be exposed on position stress.

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The comfort is important for the relaxation of your muscles. If you can find the best driving position you will have more energy and strength to practice your skills in the best possible way.


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Vertical and horizontal adjustable option is also addition advantage for great performance and safety on the road.

3. Truck Seats with Good Lumbar Support

Almost every truck driver has back pains caused by the improper position during the driving because of that the chiropractic services are a gold mine in the trucks stop across the US. The drivers to reduce the pain are ready to spend a lot of money even if it means only a few good nights of sleep.

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But there is another way to get rid of this unpleasant feeling or better to prevent your body from this kind of a pain in the first place. The solution is called truck seats with great lumbar support. Everyone who had a chance to taste the truck driver life knows how important the lumbar support is for you.

The lumbar support comes with an adjustment that can be costumed for each truck driver which gives the opportunity to place your body to the most comfortable position in the seat. Before you buy a truck seats be sure that will provide you with perfect lumbar support which will give you a relaxed position of your spine.

4. Proper Truck Seats Cushion

Seat cushions are an important segment of the truck seats. This is individual for everyone. Before you pay for the truck seat you need to test few truck seats at the store. Place your body in the seat for a longer time and see how your body will react to the pressure points on that seat.

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This is like you are buying a mattress for your bed. The firm mattress is better for the support of your body but your wife prefers a soft one because the soft mattress suits better for her. Luckily you don’t need to share your truck seat with no one so you can choose the best one only for you :).

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The results of few surveys are saying that the firm cushions might be better for the body position than the soft cushions. In the end, you know your body the best so choose the cushion that responds best to your body.

5. Dual and Adjustable Armrests

Truck seats with dual adjustable armrest are useful for the neck and the back; in fact with resting some of your arms during the driving you will reduce some pressure off the neck and the upper back muscles.

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Resting those muscles with the help of dual armrest will lead to

  • Greater body relaxation
  • Lower stiffness of the muscles
  • Reduced drivers fatigue
  • Improved motor functions

6. Leather vs. Cloth

What is better Leather or Cloth? Many of the truck drivers as more practical truck seat material will point the leather. The chosen material is leather because

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