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Truck Driver Medical Exam Revealed – 10 Secrets To Know

Every commercial truck driver when applies for a CDL license need to take a DOT medical examination. The truck driver medical exam is required to ensure the healthy condition of every truck driver on the road.

Since the truck drivers are spending most of the day transporting goods from one place to another they are always present on the highway among other drivers.

The truck driver medical exam will give information about the ability of the truck driver to provide safe and reliable transporting service.  Better truck driver health brings better safety on the road.

In this way, the highway will be cleared from accidents caused by the poor health condition of the drivers.

Things to Know when Taking Truck Driver Medical Exam

Commercial vehicle driver examinations can be completed only by Medical examiners that are Certified and listed on FMCSA’s National Registry.

Where can I find certified medical examiner (MEs)? This is a good question because it is important your medical examiner is under National Registry of certified examiners. In this way, FMCSA will be sure that the truck driver medical exam results will be reliable, not just given by some local doctor.

Learn All About Truck Driver Medical Exam

The National Registry will provide for you a list of certified medical examiners that are in your area and in that way will ensure the proper commercial driver examination and determination of drivers condition to get safe highway performance, without any possible traffic endangerment caused by bad drivers health.



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