Driver Medical Exam

Truck Driver Medical Exam Revealed – 10 Secrets To Know

4. For drivers who have lower performance on some of the extremities ( leg or arm) or permanent loss of use

  • Bring the report from your physician with all informations about your injury or work restrictions if you have.
  • In case of this type of injury, you may need a skilled performance examination

Learn All About Truck Driver Medical Exam

5. The drivers who have diabetes need to bring

  • The most recent lab results of the sugar logs
  • The hemoglobin results
  • and every result that is related to the diabetes

6.This applies to drivers who use medical devices (hearing aids, eyeglasses, or contact lenses)

  • Bring the medical devices to the truck driver medical exam; they are required because the medical examiner needs to check your visual or your hearing ability with them

Learn All About Truck Driver Medical Exam

7. For driver with sleep apnea and CPAP machine

  • Reading results of the machine that are documenting your proper use
  • Bring the letter to the truck driver medical exam from your sleep specialist with all details of the condition
  • Bring 90 days of results or better is to bring all of the results of the past year

8. This applies to drivers who are using blood thinners

  • Bring blood level and clearance letter from your doctor to the truck driver medical exam


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9. For drivers who have encountered problems with brain like a stroke, brain bleeding, tumor, blackouts, epilepsy, brain surgery

  • Bring a letter from your neurologist with your previous medical condition and medications that you are taking to treat the illness
  • To the truck driver medical exam you also need to bring the letter for your current medical condition (neurologic and psychiatric state) and current medications that indicate your reliable performance on the road

10. Drivers who are taking types of medications that can be a reason for sleepiness (sleeping pills, narcotics, anxiety medications …)

  • Bring the records of your medical treatments that are connected with your driving performance under the influence of this substances

Thing you may not Know about a Truck Driver Medical Exam

Learn All About Truck Driver Medical Exam

The regular DOT card is valid two years but there is other types of DOT cards like:

  • One year DOT cards – If you are using prescript medications for diabetes or high blood pressure you may get a 1 year DOT card. After the expiration, you have to take the truck driver medical exam again to check your ability to perform on the road. Keeping records of your health is one way to keep the safety on the road. Same 1 year DOT card are receive drivers with blood pressure not more than 159/90
  • Three month DOT cards are temporary cards are like test period to put your condition under control and find a solution to control the medical problem. Drivers with over 160/100 blood pressure will receive 3 month DOT card.


The trucking industry has a major importance in the United States economy. There are 15.5 million of trucks in the US and Canada and you can imagine how many licensed truck drivers are living in this area.

Would the highway be a safe place if everyone could become a truck driver? Driving a vehicle with more than 100,000lb is a huge responsibility and should be treated like that.

The DOT medical exam is a way to reduce the reliable truck drivers from the truck drivers that could be a danger on the road. All of these truck driver medical exams are required by the department of transportation and aiming to ensure that commercial truck drivers can safely perform all driving and no driving tasks.

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