Driver Medical Exam

Truck Driver Medical Exam Revealed – 10 Secrets To Know


Truck Driver Medical Exam requirements

If you are preparing to become a commercial truck driver you need to be mentally and physically in shape. To get your medical certification you need to fulfill the requirements of the DOT commercial driver medical examination to be qualified as a reliable driver to operate a heavy vehicle with certain class and weight.

Learn All About Truck Driver Medical Exam

Here is what you need to start your career behind the wheel

  • To have clean driving record
  • To get clean medical exam report
  • To repeat the truck driver medical exam every two years

The gathered truck driver medical exam information’s will be stored in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS). They will be available for further reviewing and comparison together with the new information about your driving behavior.

Segments of Truck Driver Medical Exam

Truck driver medical exam consists two parts of examinations

The first segment is the interview with the certified doctor for your possible medical conditions that may affect your driving performance.

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