All You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job

All Secrets You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job


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  • Short miles; the shortest distance between two zip codes. I will explain it simpler: you have the map in front of you and you just pull a straight line across so the line that you will get is the calculated mileage for you. Unfair I know, because we cannot compare the air distance with the actual road distance where we have curves and swings through the mountains and canyons. The short miles can be 50 % shorter than the actual mileage. Let’s say you drove 1900 mileage but you are paid for 850 mileages.
  • Practical miles are the miles that are calculated by the given route from the company. It is a more fair way to be paid as long as you stand by the given route.

All You Need To Know About Lorry Driver JobSource:

  1. Paid by the Load

This type of lorry driver payment is usually for the owner operators. The agreement for the percentage is made by the driver and the trucking company and depends on the type of the cargo that needs to be hauled and the difficulty for transportation.

In this way, the driver can choose the loads that are more cost effective.

  1. Paid by the Hour

Another way the lorry driver to be paid is by the hours that were needed for the transport. By the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the average hour rate in 2011 was $21,74/hour and in 2014 average rate was reported to be $15,53/hour.


Living on the road is definitely not for everyone but if you are ready to make good money and be away from your home this career is the right choice for you. However except your CDL you will be needed to respect a lot of rules given by:

So before you go on the road you need to know these regulations what you are allowed and what you are not allowed to do while you are on duty.



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