All You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job

All Secrets You Need To Know About Lorry Driver Job

  1. Owner Operators (O/Os) – Lorry drivers who own their trucks (or lease from a company to buy it in the end) to transport own loads or they are driving their truck to transport loads for companies but as independent contractors. If you want to become an owner operator you wouldn’t be under the company control. You have free hands to organize your transport but in a case of truck defect you are responsible for covering the repair expenses.
  2. Company Lorry Driver – This driver is under the company regulations. She/he is driving company trucks and it is not responsible for the fuel, the repairs or other expenses connected with the truck. The company for the company lorry driver is covering insurance and payment by the mile or hour.
  3. Independent Owner lorry driver – This driver have own authority to transport loads and it drives own truck to haul loads. In most of the cases, the independent owner lorry driver has more than 1 truck.

Lorry Driver Categories by the Load Characteristics

No matter what type of lorry driver you are, you can choose to get involved in these lorry driver categories:

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