10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver Resume

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver Resume

In today’s article we are going to speak about all the different ways there are so you can create your delivery driver resume.


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Once you have taken the time to train for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) you have many opportunities to find employment. As a matter of fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently posted some good statistics showing this to be a positive career field. However, before you pursue this as a career, you will need to make sure your delivery driver resume is in order.

I am sure you have a few questions about this. What is so special about a delivery driver resume? What kind of information should be on the delivery driver resume? What types of positions can you expect to get? What are the driver salary ranges? And I am sure the list goes on.

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver ResumeSource: www.oneshiftjobs.com

Either way, there are several things to consider; regardless if you are a career driver or you just recently got your CDL through one of the paid or free truck driving schools. Location of the trucking- is it a local CDL job or OTR drivers job, transportation, or delivery service you are wishing to apply with. Your delivery drivers resume needs to reflect your willingness to travel, as that is the main duty of a delivery driver.



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