10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver Resume

In today’s article we are going to speak about all the different ways there are so you can create your delivery driver resume.


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Once you have taken the time to train for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) you have many opportunities to find employment. As a matter of fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently posted some good statistics showing this to be a positive career field. However, before you pursue this as a career, you will need to make sure your delivery driver resume is in order.

I am sure you have a few questions about this. What is so special about a delivery driver resume? What kind of information should be on the delivery driver resume? What types of positions can you expect to get? What are the driver salary ranges? And I am sure the list goes on.

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Either way, there are several things to consider; regardless if you are a career driver or you just recently got your CDL through one of the paid or free truck driving schools. Location of the trucking- is it a local CDL job or OTR drivers job, transportation, or delivery service you are wishing to apply with. Your delivery drivers resume needs to reflect your willingness to travel, as that is the main duty of a delivery driver.

Remember there are a few things to consider once you’ve written your delivery driver resume:

  • Conduct proper searches for open positions
  • Complete and submit an application and you delivery driver resume
  • Be flexible and open to various interview processes
  • Expect them to a background (credit, driving, drug and other checks)
  • Review your offers and pick what is best for you.

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The most important step in all of this is a good well written, delivery driver resume. Think of a resume as an introduction. This is the information that tells the hiring manager a little about you. There are numerous formats and guides for how to write your delivery driver resume so try not to stress too much about that. What is important is punctuation and proper grammar.

I do recommend researching resumes online or ask for help. But there are just way too many schools of thought so stick with a format that works. Another key point, in regards to the delivery driver resumes is the truthfulness. Be honest! Don’t say you know how to do something that you’ve never even heard of, because they will expect you to be able to perform.

Of course you will need to research the position and the trucking company. But once you are ready to write your delivery driver resume, I hope these few tips bellow will be helpful.

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Initial Delivery Driver Resume Considerations

I touched a little on this, but experience is important. So you need to be as clear as you can when mentioning your driving ability on your delivery driver resume. There are a few key points that all recruiters and hiring managers will want to know while reviewing your delivery driver resume.

Your delivery driver resume needs to include things such as:

  1. Do you have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) (issued when?)
  2. Safety is a key issue, so include you safe driving miles and years
  3. Many driver positions requires a truck driver medical exam

If you are unsure you can check with The Department of Transportation (DOT) to see what the requirements are to get a CDL. Also you can learn more about safety and the importance of a good safety record by visiting Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA and seeing their standards. While on the DOT website don’t forget to check out DOT physical fitness requirements.

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver ResumeSource: www.europajob.ro

Not all delivery driver jobs will require a CDL or even the DOT physical, so look into all of that before submitting your delivery driver resume. CDL training doesn’t take long, and often you can get company sponsored CDL training.

2. Delivery Driver Resume Needs Action Words

The wording of your delivery driver resume can be almost as important as the experience listed on it. I am not saying training, experience, and/or education are not important. What I am saying is the way you word your information. An important factor of a good delivery driver resume is the use of keywords.

It is recommended that you actually tailor each delivery driver resume to the individual job you’re applying to. Take the wording from the announcement and make it fit your own background and experience. Remember there are numerous applicants applying and you need you delivery driver resume to stand out.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

To do this, it is recommended that you make use of action verbs and action words.  Action words are active in their very nature and draw the reader’s attention. Here are a few action words to use on your delivery driver resume; delivered, transported, handled, prepared, and implemented.

There are a ton of such words that can be used to build up your delivery driver resume. These are just a few examples. However, the experts suggest not using love, try, seasoned or other generic and overused words on your delivery driver resume.

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver ResumeSource: www.goreng.hol.es

3. Delivery Driver Resume Basics

Ok, so I keep saying don’t stress about the format, but instead try to focus on the actual feel of the resume. I say this because there are hundreds of formats. Now some industries, like marketing, might require a specially formatted resume. But your delivery driver resume doesn’t need to be a certain way.

However, it does need to have all the pertinent information on it. The resume should be done as an outline. You can do it as bullet points or in paragraph form but it needs to have these key points; education, experience, skills, and licenses (with endorsements).

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver ResumeSource: www.wired.com

4. Delivery Driver Resume must Do’s!

The first thing to remember is that the exact format is not important when writing your delivery driver resume. What you need to put your focus on is the punctuation and grammar. Maintain the same flow, or style throughout your delivery driver resume.

  1. If you use bullet points in one section, use them throughout the entire resume
  2. Use the same date group format (12/01/2011 or 12 January 2011)
  3. Don’t use acronyms unless you know they are commonly used in the industry

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver ResumeSource: www.kariyer.beun.edu.tr



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